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Thursday, June 8, 2023

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Hogwarts Legacy almost has a moral system with ramifications for bad behavior

Recently, a player discovered that the popular Hogwarts Legacy game included a morality system that was...

Avoid making the Coronation a celebration of social activism and moral posturing.

When I hung out my 100-foot Union Flag garland yesterday, it was with a heavy heart.I'm an ardent monarchist and those waving flags first...

Won’t somebody please think of the children? Their agency is ignored in the moral panic around drag storytime

Demonstrators derailed a meeting of Monash City Council on Wednesday demanding the cancellation of a sold-out drag storytime event at...

Teenagers Arrested by Iran’s Moral Police for Dancing to Selena Gomez’s Song

Teenage girls are arrested by Iran's moral police for dancing to Selena...

How an LGBTQ court ruling sent Kenya into a moral panic

Kenya is in the grip of a full-blown existential moral panic. If we are to believe the politicians, clergy, self-proclaimed defenders of "traditional...

Influential professor calls for pets to have the same moral and legal rights as humans

An American philosopher and scholar has called for pets to be given the same moral and legal rights as humans - including representation in...


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