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Film and TV industry to lose 17,000 jobs in August as strike impacts Hollywood workforce

The ongoing Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes are beginning to hit Hollywood's labor pool. According to figures from the US Bureau of Labor...

Study finds prawn mayo sandwich impacts environment as much as driving from London to Brighton, while egg sandwich proves more eco-friendly

Sandwich calories Tesco triple cheese sandwich 618 Tesco Sausage Bacon And Egg Triple 570 Tesco triple chicken sandwich...

‘Secret Invasion’ Director Ali Selim on G’iah’s Power-Up and How the Series Impacts Tony Stark’s Death

(This story contains spoilers for secret invasion.) at the end of secret invasion, Emilia Clarke's G'iah inherited a litany of MCU character superpowers, as Gravik's...

Now doctors are warning about the health impacts of secondhand VAPEING: Study finds e-cigarettes dump 22 TIMES the safe level of microscopic toxins

Doctors are warning about the dangers of secondhand vaping, as evidence begins to mount about the health dangers of the devices.Researchers found that a...

Defacement of Royal Statues is Part of a Greater Controversy over the Impacts of Colonialism, Says Governor-General | Breaking:

People on both sides of the debate over colonization-related statue destruction can come together and learn to respect each other, Governor General Mary Simon...


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