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Rep. Ryan Zinke pushes for heroes to get treatment for wounds that aren’t ‘physical’

Former Navy SEAL Commander Rep. Ryan Zinke is leading a bipartisan group of lawmakers in the House and Senate to push forward a new...

People are only just realising how digestive biscuits got their name… and they aren’t impressed

People are just now realizing how digestive biscuits got their name... and...

What colour do YOU see? This woman’s eyes aren’t actually blue

What color do you see? This woman's eyes aren't actually blue...

No, vapes aren’t 95% less harmful than cigarettes. Here’s how this decade-old myth took off

It's 2013. The Harlem Shake is on the radio and e-cigarettes are becoming a thing. A group of researchers...

A shift to coastal shipping and rail could cut NZ’s freight transport emissions — why aren’t we doing it?

According to a recent study, short sea shipping produces one fifth of the carbon emissions (well-to-wheel) of road freight. ...

Your political rivals aren’t as bad as you think – that’s how misunderstandings amplify hostility

U.S. Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene raised eyebrows when she proposed on Presidents Day that the United States pursue a "national...

Monsters or masters of the deep sea? Why the deepest deep-sea fish aren’t as scary as you might think

How deep can fish live in the ocean? That question has occupied my mind for more than ten years....


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