Sydney fortune teller accused of scamming thousands of mothers, telling them they are cursed

How a fortune teller ‘brainwashed desperate women into thinking they were CURSED’, before asking them to hand over thousands of dollars to rid themselves of their ‘evil spirits’

  • Sydney fortune teller Pandith Valmiki Krishna was called by clients
  • Two customers claim the man has left them thousands out of pocket
  • They claim that he told them that they were cursed and that the lives of their children were in danger
  • The customers claim that Mr. Krishna has left and will not return their calls.

Desperate mothers have complained about a dubious fortune teller who they say has scammed them out of thousands of dollars after telling them they were cursed.

Pandith Valmiki Krishna, who runs a fortune-telling business in western Sydney, was called in after he allegedly told one woman to pay him $23,000 and another $34,000 to help them rid themselves of evil spirits.

Panoom, a single mother of three, and another client, Samjhana, are still trying to get their money back after visiting Mr. Krishna.

Panoom had just been through a divorce and a car accident and visited the fortune teller with her mother to see if her bad luck was destined to change.

He paid $30 for a palm reading, but was later told that he had a ‘bad curse’ and ‘black magic’ was to blame for his problems.

Pandith Valmiki Krishna, who runs a fortune-telling business in western Sydney, was called in after he allegedly told one woman to pay him $23,000 and another $34,000, to help them rid themselves of evil spirits.

“He said it was necessary to remove it, otherwise the lives of my children would be in danger,” she said. a current affair last month.

“They come and say that my children will die if I don’t pay the money.”

He was then told to hand over $830 to rid her of the curse, before Mr. Krishna said that he and his colleague would have to go to his house to remove the evil spirits.

Instead, they put on a bizarre performance, using fake blood and squeezing lemons.

‘For this, they demanded another $21,000. I told them I didn’t have this money and they told me to sell my car, sell my jewelry and other possessions,” Poonam said.

“They said ‘what’s more important money or your son’s life?'”

Panoom, A Single Mother Of Three, Said She Has Been Left Thousands Of Dollars Out Of Pocket After Visiting The Fortune Teller (Pictured)

Panoom, a single mother of three, said she has been left thousands of dollars out of pocket after visiting the fortune teller (pictured)

When Panoom and Channel Nine confronted Mr. Krishna, he denied saying his children were in danger, saying, “She knows once I promise something, I will definitely do it.”

“I am a man of my word,” he said. I told him I would pay.

She claims the fortune teller returned $12,000 to her and after she confronted him, he told her he would pay her back the rest in a month.

But a month later, Mr. Krishna’s store had closed and Panoom claims that he still has thousands of dollars in his pocket.

It was a similar experience for Samjhana, who is believed to have paid the business up to $34,000 after being told her husband and son would die.

The fortune teller and his assistant did the same stunts at his house, with fake blood spilled on the carpet.

The couple recently returned to the fortune teller’s booth, but he was nowhere to be found, and neighboring businesses confirmed that he had packed up and left.

The women claim that Mr. Krishna is ignoring their calls while some are not getting through.

Daily Mail Australia has contacted the fortune teller for comment. Since then, one of his business numbers has been disconnected.

The women reported the business to the police, but were told it was a Fair Trade issue.

They say they are not sure they will get their money back.

Another Client Said She Handed Over $34,000 After Being Told Her Son'S And Husband'S Lives Were In Danger.

Another client said she handed over $34,000 after being told her son’s and husband’s lives were in danger.

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