Suspected serial killer charged with murder of pregnant woman who went missing in Michigan in 2005

A suspected serial killer has been charged with the murder of a third woman – a pregnant 21-year-old from Michigan.

Harold David Haulman III, has been charged with first degree murder for the death of Ashley Parlier, who went missing from Battle Creek while pregnant in 2005.

Haulman, a 43-year-old married truck driver, has already been charged with the murders of his girlfriend Tianna Phillips, 25, and Erica Shultz, 26. His estranged wife turned him in after he sent her a signed confession in a bizarre rescue attempt. . their marriage.

He was charged with the third murder after allegedly speaking about Parlier’s death during police interrogations.

Harold David Haulman III, who has already faced two unrelated Pennsylvania murder charges, is now charged with a third after being accused of murdering Ashley Parlier

Harold David Haulman III (right) charged with killing Ashley Parlier (left) a pregnant 21-year-old who went missing from Battle Creek, Michigan

“He admitted to assaulting her and knocking her unconscious” after an argument at a house, Sheriff Steve Hinkley said at a news conference on Tuesday.

“Then he drove her to a remote area in Newton Township, where he hit her on the head several times with a piece of wood until she was dead.”

Parlier’s sister, Nicole Campen, revealed that police had already given their family a copy of Haulman’s indictment, closing the family after 16 years of uncertainty.

“We have our charges,” Campen told the… Daily Item.

“I’ve been told this is coming and that I will be at his (Haulman’s) trial and come to Pennsylvania to attend Haulman’s hearings. My family is delighted that the Michigan and Pennsylvania detectives have built such a strong case and that they have all worked diligently. This was 16 years in the making and I wish my parents were still alive to hear this news,” she added.

Haulman, a former truck driver, has already been charged in two Pennsylvania murder cases, for Tianna Phillips, 25, who went missing in 2018, and Erica Shultz, who went missing last year.

Haulman, a former truck driver, has already been charged in two Pennsylvania murder cases, for Tianna Phillips, 25, who went missing in 2018, and Erica Shultz, who went missing last year.

Erica Shultz, 26, was reportedly murdered by David Haulman in Pennsylvania in December 2020

David Haulman has reportedly confessed to killing his then-girlfriend Tianna Phillips (pictured) in 2018 in a letter to his estranged wife

Erica Shultz, 26, (left) and Tianna Phillips (right) were both murdered and police believe Haulman was their killer

Haulman has already been charged in two Pennsylvania murder cases, one involving 25-year-old Phillips and Shultz.

Phillips, with whom Haulman was in a romantic relationship, disappeared in 2018. Shultz was murdered in December.

According to court documents obtained by WNEP-TV, Haulman used online dating apps to lure the women, where he would then take them to a remote part of the woods in Butler Township and kill them, according to one Standard speaker report.

Following his arrest in May on suspicion of the Pennsylvania murders, Luzerne County Detective Shawn Williams interviewed Haulman, who began to discuss Parlier’s murder without provocation, leading to the most recent charges.

Parlier allegedly fell victim to serial killer Harold David Haulman III

Parlier allegedly fell victim to serial killer Harold David Haulman III

“I am pleased that the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department is able to file homicide charges against Harold David Haulman III in connection with their investigation,” Williams told the Daily Item on Monday.

“I hope that through our investigation and theirs, the families of the victims can begin to heal during this difficult time. Unfortunately, these families have similarities. I hope it brings them together.’

Much of the evidence that led to Haulman’s arrest for the Pennsylvania murders and subsequent Michigan murder stems from a confession letter he sent his estranged wife, Anne Haulman, while trying to reconcile the marriage during the murders.

“On June 13, 2018, I drove up to Berwick Pa and picked up Tiana Ann Phillips and took her for a ride. We ended up somewhere in the woods east of Berwick Pa. After walking into the woods, I pulled a knife (sic) from my pocket and attacked her from behind by slitting her throat,” Haulman wrote to Anne, who promptly delivered the letter to authorities.

“As she gasped for her last breath, I stabbed her repeatedly in the side of the neck, back, and arms. I returned to the crime scene months later and retrieved all the evidence and threw it in a dumpster, not sure where. I, Harold David Haulman III, committed this crime of my own free will, David Haulman.’

The police told the Daily Item that Haulman told his wife in 2018 that he killed Phillips and showed her photos of a dead woman, but Anne told prosecutors she didn’t believe him.

He then forced her to go to the crime scene with him three months later, and he removed Phillips’ skull, clothing and rib cage from the area, she told prosecutors.

The couple broke up in the summer of 2020, but Haulman tried to reconcile with her a few months later by sending greeting cards and the above confession letter.

Two years later, Haulman’s wife would again help solve one of her husband’s murder cases, when she informed Pennsylvania police that Haulman had been in contact with Erica Shultz, who was missing and hadn’t been seen since December 2020.

Haulman had also been convicted of murder in Germany in the late 1990s, “but the charges were lowered and he was released” from his overseas prison, the statement said. Daily Item.