Style guru Trinny Woodall reveals the big mistake Australian women make with their makeup


Lijha Stewart, American artistic director and makeup for the acclaimed beauty brand Make Up For Ever, previously revealed the five biggest makeup mistakes women make.

1. Choose the wrong bronzer shade: Lijha says it is essential to choose the right bronzer tone for your undertone.

Applying the wrong bronzer color to your face can cause a huge difference in tone between the chest and face.

To prevent this, Mrs. Stewart suggests that people with yellow or olive undertones are looking for bronzers with gold undertones.

Those with red, pink or peach undertones should choose a bronzer with terracotta undertones.

2. With heavy hand on the eyebrows:


Thick and lush eyebrows are still extremely popular, but Ms. Stewart said it can be difficult for people to achieve this look that does not naturally have a full eyebrow.

As a result, people are overweight when they apply an eyebrow product and leave a block-shaped eyebrow that is often too dark.

Lijha said that everyone should measure their eyebrows by their own face shape, with the pencil as a ruler.

She also recommends that people use a contour eyebrow product that helps to define the bow and head of the eyebrow.

3. Choosing the wrong basis: A poorly tuned foundation can completely ruin a makeup look.

Lijha recommends using two different shades – a little darker and a little lighter than your natural skin color.

The lighter color must be applied to the center of the face and the darker color to the outer parts before blending into the neck for a seamless finish.


4. Apply eyeliner in one go: Lijha said that you should always apply your eyeliner in three simple steps instead of swiping at once.

It all starts with your position, which should be as close as possible to the mirror and then you have to start in the middle of your eyelid to make sure that your eyeliner does not get too thick for the size of your eye.

The wing must be made by starting on the outside of the eye and following it to the center.

Finally, you must connect the end of the wing to the center and ensure that all lines are connected smoothly.

5. Apply contour and marking incorrectly: Although there are countless online tutorials, marking and contouring is an important trend that people are still struggling with.


Lijha explained that the best way to reach a natural-looking peak is by not placing straight lines on the face and moving the brush in a subtle upward motion.

& # 39; Irregular contours can make the face look dirty and give a messy end result. Be sure to set up your foundation with powder before applying a darker powder contour, & she added.

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