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Street Fighter 6 review


The Street Fighter series has always been of great interest to fans of fighting games. The series, which was launched at the end of the eighties, is considered one of the poles of fighting games, which was able to achieve great financial and monetary successes inside and outside Japan, which contributed to the increase in sales of the series, which exceeded 49 million copies. Sold out since it first appeared on the scene 35 years ago.

From the first moment that Capcom announced the new part of the series, Street Fighter 6, everyone became excited to try this part, especially since it comes with a completely different art direction than it was, with a promise from Capcom that Street Fighter 6 will be the perfect development for the Street series. Fighter, will Street Fighter 6 really be the ultimate experience among all the previous Street Fighter franchises? Of course, we will be able to answer this question during our full review of the Street Fighter 6 game that we have experienced over the past period.

Tour around the world with the new World Tour mode

One of the most important things that fans of the Street Fighter series have always called for over the course of its previous parts is the game content, which was centered around several classic game modes only that players were getting tired of over time, but this time Capcom decided to finally fulfill their requests and presented us with the World Tour, which will take us on a tour around the world, which is for me one of the most important additions made by Street Fighter 6, as I spent many hours playing this mode even longer than I spent in the rest of the game modes. The World Tour mode is considered as a stand-alone game and gives players the opportunity to build their own virtual character and launch into a large world and interact with it, as this stage is a bit like RPG games.

At the beginning, you will have to design and customize your virtual character, and the game offers multiple options that I did not know about in another fighting game. We even mentioned the designs of the different players’ characters in a previous tweet, and from here you will go to separate regions around the world and during it you will try to make your name and build your character to become a global warrior fierce, and during this journey you can challenge anyone on the streets to fight or interact with him, and with every fight you will enter, you will get Xp points that increase your level. Since we mentioned the level part, the people you meet on the streets also have their own levels, but the game does not force you to confront them only when you reach their level, but you can confront them at any time, but if you encounter people much higher than your level, you may not be able to achieve significant damage towards them. The main purpose of the World Tour mode is to develop your fighting skills, the more you fight the more experience you gain allowing you to level up, improve your statistics and give you skill points to add to your character’s skill tree which is multiple.

One of the special things that I liked about the World Tour mode is the huge amount of things that can be done during this mode. Although there are main missions that take place in every city we go to, you can not rush and explore these places slowly, as you may find distinguished fighters scattered throughout The map, which actually happened to me, I encountered many opponents in places I didn’t expect to find one and most of those fights were rewarding, especially in terms of Xp points that contributed to increasing my character level or other rewards that were asked of you. There are also plenty of treasure chests to search for and explore, and these contain a variety of worthwhile items from equippable equipment, drinks and food as well as supplements to boost your player stats. The cities and places that you will move to may not seem large or gigantic, but they are complex and contain a large number of things that can be done, so you will be able to spend many hours in this particular situation, as I mentioned above, without feeling bored.

It can be said that the World Tour mode will be a mode that targets newcomers to the Street Fighter series and fighting games in general, so that they will love the game to a great extent, and gradually teach them the new gameplay offered by the game, which also aims to bring new players to the series and we will talk about it further Later.

Battle Hub mode brings players together in one place

The Battle Hub mode is also one of the new additions that Capcom introduced to us during the Street Fighter game, as it is the mode that brings players together in one place similar to the Arc System Works studio games, as this place contains a large group of arcade machines that you can interact with, or interact with With other players and also challenging them to compete in competitions over the network, in addition to the ability to follow the matches of some, and this feature, I think, will be very influential in the matches of the tournaments organized by Capcom, so they can be watched and followed now inside this mode. There are also arcade machines that give you the opportunity to try fun arcade games, which provided mini-games inside that might make you forget the fighting atmosphere for a bit and play these games for a while.

During the Battle Hub mode, you can play group matches over the network, which provides you with the ability to challenge other players, or try Ranked Matches, which are better because you face opponents according to your current level. Unfortunately, I was not able to try this mode a lot to judge the quality of the connection, because this mode only worked for two days by Capcom itself, but during my experience I did not feel the same quality as when I tried the beta, which was very good between me And among other players, but perhaps because the game servers have not yet been officially opened, it was the reason for this effect, and we hope that it will be improved upon the official launch.

Street Fighter 6 review

The Street Fighter game also offers a third game mode, which is the Fighting Ground mode, which can be said to be the individual or local gaming experience provided by the game. There is an arcade mode that enables you to choose a character from the characters that can be experimented with and engage in different fights of up to either 5 or 12 fights, depending on your choice and between Every fight and another finds a story about the character and its relationship with other characters, and it is one of the styles that you will undoubtedly spend a long time with. As for the rest of the patterns offered by the Fighting Ground mode, they are the traditional patterns familiar to previous Street Fighter games, whether training, fighting against another player locally, or confronting artificial intelligence, but these patterns did not provide any significant change from the rest of the series.

Get ready one more time.

It can be said that the style of playing Street Fighter 6 is a mixture between the parts of the previous series. The game collected a song from every country, as I like to say, and was able to present them better than it was in the past. The game has become much faster in moving and executing combat strikes with the presence of a new mechanic, the Drive Gauge, and it acts as the engine on which your playstyle depends since entering the fighting arena, and the Drive Gauge indicator can be consumed as you wish, but if you empty it early during the fight, you will enter In a state of exhaustion that makes it difficult to block the opponent’s blows or execute your move, but the cursor automatically regenerates during the fight, which is why you have to practice a lot in order to be able to understand this new mechanic that will serve you greatly during the fight and will help you finish your opponents with the least possible damage to you .

And in order to serve the Drive Gauge system that Capcom added, it was necessary to introduce new strikes that help improve the level of play, and the first of these strikes is the Drive Rush, which I liked a lot during my experience of the game’s events, which increases the rhythm of the matches and closes the distance between you and other players to carry out lightning attacks and better dashing towards the opponent, adding a great deal of flexibility to Street Fighter 6’s combat system.

The game also introduces Drive Impact, which is a technique that can be considered a plus if you can perform it or bad if it is implemented against you, it is a very powerful blow that can hit three times before it deals a fatal blow on its own that will cause the opponent to stagger And it gives you a chance to finish it faster, but it needs a lot of time to be able to master it, as it is not as easy as the rest of the combos and strikes that you tried inside Street Fighter 6.

There is also a Drive Parry technology that enables you to block the opponent’s attack automatically, but it consumes your Drive Gauge stock, and once you counter the opponent’s attack, you can then launch a counterattack by means of Drive Reversal strikes that allow you to perform a lightning attack while blocking the enemy’s attack, and on Although the damage of this technique is low, it helps you get out of difficult situations during the fight.

As for the control of the gameplay itself, the game offers 3 different methods for the first fight, which is the classic gameplay that all the old Street Fighter players are used to, with the introduction of two other new methods, the first of which is the Modern system, which somewhat facilitates the game experience and is intended for newcomers to the series and enables them to implement special moves With a simple set of buttons rather than pressing four or five buttons as in classic gameplay, it is more designed for players who want to fight without memorizing and practicing special moves button combos first.

In the latter, there is a Dynamic system that completely facilitates the gaming experience, as soon as you press the Auto-Attack button consisting of three buttons, your character will automatically attack and perform combats based on your position towards the opponent, but this system is specifically intended only for playing single-player modes within the Fighting Ground mode, but It cannot be tried in online matches.

Street Fighter 6 provides 16 playable characters, and each character has its own fighting style and various abilities, and you can choose between them according to your playing style, and I greatly enjoyed the experience of Luke, who has great speed in attack, defense, and striking, which is what I prefer according to my playing style, and of course I especially tested Ryu in the arcade matches and had a lot of fun executing the famous Hadoken hit. Other than the characters, the game also offers 16 main fighting arenas, including the training arena, and those arenas enjoyed distinctive designs that suggest the environment of the town in which they reside, but as usual in the previous Street Fighter parts, it is not possible to interact with anything inside the arena, which is something I do not like and I would like to have things that I can Use it against my opponents, just like in Mortal Kombat games.

You can create your avatar now and import them into the full version of Street Fighter 6.

The graphic orientation that we saw in the game Street Fighter 6 was completely different from the previous parts of the series, so we may have objected to this change when we saw the promotions for the game when it was announced, but once I tried it, I fell in love with it very quickly, as the game offers good graphic performance and not as Pictures of us in the previous shows of the game, with impressive and distinctive visual effects while executing the special moves of each character, which is what made me fall in love with Street Fighter 6 and its new art direction.

As for the game’s music, whether in the World Tour mode or even during the fighting, it was very impressive. The company used the most famous music that stuck in the minds of players throughout the series and evoked it with the events of the game. While the game’s audio suffered greatly and wasn’t at its best, perhaps something I’m used to while experiencing previous Street Fighter series parts, popular characters such as Ryu, Ken, and Luke are well presented while the rest of the characters are much less than expected, even in World Tour mode you find a lot of slack from Presenting an audio performance for the dialogues at this stage, and it was replaced by the writing style that has become associated with Japanese games over the past years, and it is something that made me skip those dialogues a lot of the time, so there is no point in the long boring reading.

After many hours of experience within the different modes of Street Fighter 6, the game was able to provide me with a highly satisfying gaming experience, starting with the changes that the game introduced in terms of content and adding game modes that extend the life of the game and make you spend many hours playing in it, and through the changes The gameplay is much smoother and more fun than it used to be. We also do not forget the new technical direction that the game is adopting and making it appear better than the previous parts, which made me believe that we are facing a fighting experience that is not only the best in the Street Fighter series, but may also compete for the throne of other fighting games.

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