Steve Smith got a huge captain’s punch leading up to this year’s Ashes


Steve Smith got a massive captaincy boost ahead of this year’s Ashes after his credentials were endorsed by the man whose probe resulted in the Australian star’s one-year ban on the scandal from tampering with the ball

  • Steve Smith revealed he wanted to re-lead Australia a little over a month ago
  • Dr. Simon Langstaff said he had no objection to Smith becoming a captain
  • It was Langstaff’s 2018 probe that led to Smith being banned for a year
  • Current Australia captain Tim Paine is struggling to defend his place in the XI

Steve Smith’s hopes of being a captain in this year’s Ashes have been boosted after the man who led the cultural review for the Australian cricket team endorsed his credentials.

Just over a month after Smith revealed he wanted to lead his country again, Dr. Simon Langstaff, whose 2018 investigation of the ball-tampering scandal in South Africa led to the 31-year-old being banned for a year. and was suspended. rolls until May 2020, he said he had no objections.

‘I have always believed that if people have done the wrong thing, paid a certain fine and show that they have been open in their acceptance of wrongdoing and genuinely repentant, they should not be ruled out for all opportunities in the future, and I’d apply that to Steven Smith, ”Longstaff, head of the Ethics Center, said in an interview with The Age newspaper.

Steve Smith is desperate to lead Australia again with the Ashes on the horizon

Those words come at an intriguing moment for Australian cricket, with Tim Paine, current Test captain, turning 37 on the eve of the 2021-22 Ashes.

Considered a safe pair of hands by his Cricket Australia bosses in succession to Smith, Paine now struggles to justify his place in the XI due to a combination of his age, a first-class batting average of 30 and the fact that Australia lost twice at home to India during his tenure.

Dates for the Ashes – expected to end in Perth in January after a crowded international schedule forced a re-jig of the traditional order of the games – will be confirmed on May 12-13.

With the presence of the Twenty20 World Cup, which runs until November 13, the rivalry between Anglo and Aussie starts later than usual in early December, while England will play the first international on a tour of the Caribbean on January 28.

Current Australian Test captain Tim Paine is now struggling to justify his place in the XI

Current Australian Test captain Tim Paine is now struggling to justify his place in the XI