Starting a toothbrush Quip launches a $ 20 floss dispenser

quirk, the subscription service for electric toothbrushes, is today launching its second product: a floss dispenser called Floss. The metal dispenser sells for $ 20 and refillable floss cans, which are delivered automatically every three months, sell for $ 5 each. The floss is pre-marked in green every 18 inches, the "dentist recommended amount to give each tooth its own section." to give".


At first glance, I thought the tube should go into your mouth, like one of those floss threads that come in packs of 100. But that is not at all what this is. The only thing a heavy applicator does is the refillable tube of flos, which appears when you click on the tube like a ballpoint pen. The amount of dental floss is small compared to the applicator (which is available in iPhone-like colors rose gold, black, silver and gold) and looks like a tampon.

"Quip has applied its obsessive design ethos to create a whole new floss experience to inspire better habits and build routines," reads the press material. But about the size of a tube of lipstick, Floss is slightly larger and heavier, not to mention more expensive than an ordinary pack of floss that you can get at the drugstore.

Most people know Quip from his firm commitment to sponsoring podcasts, or his ubiquitous advertisements on the New York City subway. The company's electric toothbrushes (starting at $ 25 as part of a starter pack) run on an AAA battery, which means the timer can be turned off after 2 minutes. If they use a refill plan, subscribers can receive a $ 5 replacement brush every three months.

Like many direct-to-consumer brands before, Quip's products sell to customers with ease, and the belief that a sleek, minimalist design translates into a better product – but it depends on actual quality. In their assessment of the best electric toothbrushes, Wirecutter says that Quip's toothbrush vibrations are just as weak as disposable Oral-B toothbrushes. Floss is unlikely to attract new customers looking for a revolutionary floss experience, but it might be a nice add-on for current Quip subscribers.