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Sony aims to release at least two major exclusives every year on PS5.. | -WhatsNew2Day


Sony confirmed at a recent business meeting that PlayStation Studios plans to release two or more big PS5 games every year going forward. These games will come from a mixture of established titles and a new title, while it will be a mixture of single-player games as well as live service titles.

You want Sony Through this new plan, it covers all kinds of different games, but it mainly focuses on shooting games, racing games, role-playing games, platform games, action games, and sports in particular.

Sony does not plan to limit itself to PlayStation platforms and wants to expand to several other external platforms, as the company plans to expand further to develop its fan base, by launching its exclusive titles on computers and smartphones.

In a recent presentation, Sony highlighted the two aforementioned systems, as well as music, books, and the PlayStation product line. Recently, Nintendo has been seeing huge success with Super Nintendo World theme park areas in Japan and the USA, and now the Uncharted Train animated game is opening at PortAventura World in Spain. For Sony, it’s all about increasing audience growth and diversity.

Sony aims to release at least two major exclusives every

The head of PlayStation Studios confirmed Herman HolstSony has 12 live service titles under development, and in fiscal 2025, this trend will account for about 60% of PS5 titles. The remaining 40% of Sony’s traditional titles will be single-player games. While studios such as Guerrilla, Haven Studio, and Firewalk Studios are mentioned as developers working on the service’s games.

With Marvel’s Spider-man 2 and Horizon FW, we may have hit our quota for this year, which means other games like Death Stranding 2 and Marvel’s Wolverine along with a third title may be slated for next year.

In any case, tonight we will be on a date with the great PlayStation event, during which many new titles coming to the PlayStation platforms will be revealed, and we will of course learn about the release dates for some of these titles that will be released during the remainder of this year and early next year.

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