Sky News host Peta Credlin unleashes after ISIS brides and families visit McDonalds and Kmart

Sky News commentator Peta Credlin has let go of the Albanian government after images emerged of ISIS brides and their children visiting Kmart and McDonald’s within 48 hours of returning to Australia.

Four women, all married to terrorists, and their 13 children landed in Sydney on Saturday after being removed from the al-Roj camp in Syria, near the Iraqi border.

It has since been announced that the women are unlikely to face any police action, will not be required to wear ankle guard bracelets and will not be subject to 24-hour police surveillance.

Some of the women were spotted together on Tuesday at a McDonald’s in Sydney’s southwest. One of the ISIS brides, Mariam Dabboussy, was also spotted at a Kmart and playground in western Sydney with her family, sparking anger among politicians blinded by the federal government’s decision to bring them home.

An excited Credlin weighed in on the saga on Tuesday night as she criticized the prime minister over his decision to allow the ISIS brides to return — something she says has not been properly explained to the public.

Images Surfaced Tuesday Of Some Isis Brides And Their Families At A Mcdonald'S In Punchbowl In Sydney'S Southwest, Sparking Widespread Anger

Images surfaced Tuesday of some ISIS brides and their families at a McDonald’s in Punchbowl in Sydney’s southwest, sparking widespread anger

“Whether you agree with the decision or not, it is completely wrong for the prime minister to hide from something as big as this.” credlin smoked.

“If you want to make a decision like that, you have to have the guts to be in front of the camera and defend it.

“No one wants to see children suffer for their parents’ crimes, but that does not excuse the utter failure of the Albanian government to even declare, let alone justify, that jihadist families are returning to Australia.”

“Until now, no minister has been on camera to justify the decision to bring these jihadists back and no questions have been put to the prime minister by the media.”

Credlin, a former adviser and chief of staff to former coalition prime minister Tony Abbott, said that while the government has a duty to all Australians, including the ISIS brides and their families, it also has a responsibility to the community as a whole.

“It is completely beyond his duty to explain how the safety of a few women who have rejected Australia from joining terrorist groups abroad is more important than the safety of the wider population,” her tirade continued.

“They shouldn’t have terrorists or terrorist sympathizers in a street next to them.”

She acknowledged that there is a possibility that the women have seen the error of their ways and are now rejecting the same ideologies for which they left Australia.

Peta Credlin (Pictured) Called On Prime Minister Anthony Albanese To 'Show Some Guts' And Explain The Decision To Allow Isis Brides And Their Families To Return

Peta Credlin (pictured) called on Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to ‘show some guts’ and explain the decision to allow ISIS brides and their families to return

Dai Le, the federal independent MP for Sydney’s southwestern seat of Fowler, described the situation as worrying.

Ms Le recently wrote to the Home Secretary Clare O’Neil for a briefing but has not yet received any information.

“There has been a cloak of secrecy about this whole repatriation issue,” Ms Le told the Today show on Wednesday.

There has been no transparency about this government repatriation and here to the families in Fowler in south west Sydney where the majority of those families have escaped the ISIS state and ISIS families.

Ms Le promised to demand answers when parliament resumes next week.

‘Goods should be a new government that should build that trust for the community,” she argued.

This is what you do. How are you to build trust to change the political system if you don’t tackle a problem like this in advance?’

Mariam Dabboussy (Pictured With Two Of Her Children And Father In Syria) Was Spotted This Week Visiting A Park With Her Three Children In Western Sydney.

Mariam Dabboussy (pictured with two of her children and father in Syria) was spotted this week visiting a park with her three children in western Sydney.

Ms Dabboussy is now back at her family home near Blacktown and was spotted this week visiting a park with her three children and father.

It is subject to voluntary orders, but is not subject to strict terrorism control orders.

In a 2019 interview, Bankstown-born Dabboussy previously said she was tricked into entering Syria in mid-2015 by her terrorist husband Kaled Zahab, who died shortly after their arrival.

Shayma Assaad, 22, and her four children are also said to have returned to Sydney on Saturday.

She was taken to Syria when she was just 15 and married to an older Islamic State member, Sydney trader Mohammed Noor Masri, who is still in prison in Syria.

Dabboussy’s sister-in-law, Mariam Raad, 31, was also on the plane home on Saturday with her four children.

Raad is the widow of Muhammad Zahab, a former math teacher in western Sydney who became one of Australia’s leading IS leaders.

He is said to have lured at least a dozen of his extended family to Syria, including brother Kaled.

In a statement, the women said: ‘We are extremely grateful to be back home in Australia with our children.

Shayma Assaad (Pictured) Was 15 When She Moved To Syria From Australia With Her Parents And Later Married Mohammed Noor Masri, 26. It Is Believed She And Her Four Children Have Now Also Returned To Sydney

Shayma Assaad (pictured) was 15 when she moved to Syria from Australia with her parents and later married Mohammed Noor Masri, 26. It is believed she and her four children have now also returned to Sydney

The Women And Children Were Removed From The Al-Roj Camp Near The Iraqi Border In An Operation Involving Australian Officials And The Syrian Democratic Forces. They Are Now In Sydney. In The Photo: Female Isis Fighters

The women and children were removed from the al-Roj camp near the Iraqi border in an operation involving Australian officials and the Syrian Democratic Forces. They are now in Sydney. In the photo: female ISIS fighters

Earlier This Month, The Albanian Government Confirmed A Rescue Plan To Remove 16 Women And 42 Children, Families Of Is Members, From The Camp.

Earlier this month, the Albanian government confirmed a rescue plan to remove 16 women and 42 children, families of IS members, from the camp.

“We want to express our regret for the trouble and pain we have caused, especially to our families. We are willing to do whatever is asked of us by government authorities to ensure the safety of our families and the Australian community and we will cooperate fully with all Australian law enforcement agencies.

“Once our children have received medical treatment, are healthy and ready, we want them to live normal and safe lives in Australia, surrounded by friends and family. We also want to be able to contribute to the Australian community and are grateful for the opportunity to do so.

“We have been through a terrible ordeal for years with our children. We ask for space, privacy and time to heal and reconnect with our loved ones in Australia.”

Earlier this month, the Albanian government confirmed a rescue plan to bring home 16 women and 42 children, families of IS members from the camp.

Pictured: Islamic State Terrorists March Through Syria

Pictured: Islamic State terrorists march through Syria

Who is Mariam Dabboussy?

Mariam Dabboussy Was Not A Devout Muslim, But Her Life Changed At The Age Of 22 When She Married Kaled Zahab (Pictured)

Mariam Dabboussy was not a devout Muslim, but her life changed at the age of 22 when she married Kaled Zahab (pictured)

Mariam Dabboussy was not a devout Muslim, but her life changed at the age of 22 when she married Kaled Zahab.

The woman, who had been a childcare provider and migrant worker in Sydney, went to the Middle East with her husband and their 18-month-old child in mid-2015.

Ms Dabboussy traveled with her husband to Lebanon but was “tempted” to go to Syria, she said.

“It started out like a normal vacation,” Mrs. Dabboussy said.

‘My husband had never left the country at the time. So it was the first time he agreed to take me abroad.

‘We had planned a very nice holiday. We went to Malaysia, took me to Dubai, we went to Lebanon.’

Ms Dabboussy was initially taken from Lebanon to a house in southern Turkey near the border with Syria.

From there she was driven to a dusty patch of land.

“There were other people there and there was … there was a man there,” she said.

‘And he started telling us, ‘Run before they shoot, Run before they shoot.’ And we didn’t know what was going on.

“I looked around, I thought, ‘What should I do?'” I’m in the middle of nowhere, I don’t even know where I am. There are gunshots. Now I’ve just started running.’

She didn’t get far as men put her in a car and took her to a house with a black flag of Islamic State.

“When I went into that house and I saw a flag, I saw a flag and I asked around,” said Mrs. Dabboussy.

‘Some women spoke very broken Arabic, they didn’t really speak. They were a little surprised that I didn’t know what was going on. Some laughed at me.’

The man Mrs Dabboussy married is now dead, having been killed by a coalition airstrike three months later.

The mother of three has since been forced to remarry twice more.

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