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Seven reasons you need a new laptop – from advances in AI to better wifi

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Seven reasons you need a new laptop – from advances in AI to better wifi

Whether you’re a hybrid worker splitting time between home and the office or a digital nomad who works on the go, it’s essential to create a rugged, portable workstation that can adapt to any environment. Laptops and tablets must not only be lightweight and secure, but also be able to perform the wide range of AI tasks common in the modern workplace.

Samsung has designed its new Galaxy Book4 laptop series to make the workday productive, wherever you work. Powered by the new Intel Core Ultra processor range, these laptops offer an AI-enabled computing chip that excels at tasks like processing data, creating images, and filtering out unwanted noise during video calls. The Galaxy Book4 Ultra is a high-quality laptop for makers and gamers, with an Intel Core Ultra 7 or 9 processor. The Book4 Pro 14 inches weighs just 1.23kg, but there’s nothing lightweight about its capabilities. For the ability to switch between laptop and tablet, the Book4 Pro 360 adds a 360-degree hinge and comes with an S Pen stylus. Both Pro models have a powerful Intel Core Ultra 7 processor.

To help remote workers, digital nomads and other remote workers choose the best devices for their portable workstation, here are seven tips to get the most out of your setup, wherever you are…

1 Get AI-powered
AI will be a key component for a wide range of work tasks in the coming years. The Intel Core Ultra processor family used in the Galaxy Book4 series features a neural processing unit (NPU), a specialized processor for fast execution of machine learning algorithms. The NPU accelerates AI tasks such as blurring the background of a video call or intelligently filtering background noise during a recording. The NPU can handle complex tasks such as generative artworks and designs. For any device used in remote work, built-in AI hardware is a must.

2 Longer battery life, lighter chargers
Extending laptop battery life is critical for the digital nomad who must set up in any location, possibly without access to a power source. The Intel Core Ultra processors embedded in the Book4 series can perform AI tasks while efficiently managing battery life. Meanwhile, a small, lightweight charger helps keep bulk to a minimum – the Pro 14in and Pro 360 have small USB-C chargers that are light and portable.

3 High quality screens are a must
A bright display that is visible even in the strongest sunshine is important if you work at the beach, in a park or other outdoor location. The Book4 series displays are stunning. Featuring a 120Hz refresh rate (the number of times the screen updates content every second) for smooth, realistic video, the displays are designed to improve visibility and color reproduction in bright conditions. All three versions come with touchscreens and with a new anti-reflective coating on the screens to reduce glare outdoors.

4 Connecting to an ecosystem
The Book4 series has important compatibility features with other Galaxy devices. The high-quality camera from a Galaxy smartphone connects wirelessly to the Book4s, giving the option to swap the webcam for a camera that offers superior image quality and the ability to move1. Meanwhile, Galaxy Buds connect seamlessly to the Galaxy ecosystem. When you’re listening to music on a Book4 and you get a call on your phone, the earbuds will automatically switch to the phone and once the call ends, they’ll seamlessly switch back to the previous device2.

The Galaxy Book4 is part of an ecosystem, meaning it connects seamlessly to other devices, like the camera on a Galaxy smartphone

5 Stay safe wherever you are
Working on the road leaves remote workers vulnerable to a variety of cyber threats. The Galaxy Book4 series introduces the Samsung Knox security chip, long a feature of Samsung smartphones and available on Galaxy Book4 Pro, Pro 360 and Ultra. The chip detects anyone who tries to physically tamper with a device and keeps your data safe. The Book4 devices all come with fingerprint scanners and offer three-layer protection: Samsung Knox; operating system security on the Windows 11 operating system; and security from Intel on its Core Ultra processors.

6 Wifi connectivity
Whether you’re in a public location or working from home, a strong, stable connection is essential for continuous work and video calling. Galaxy Book4 features Wi-Fi 6E, the latest generation of Wi-Fi connectivity and the fastest yet, providing a stable connection whether video calling or file uploading3.

7 Access multiple screens
The Book4 devices have HDMI 2.1 ports, so if you want to connect a high-resolution 4K monitor or a monitor that supports 120 Hz refresh rates, the HDMI 2.1 connection is ideal so you can enjoy sharp, clear images – can offer the best monitor.

The Galaxy Book4 series aims to keep weight and size to a minimum. The Book4 Ultra, Pro 360 and Pro have a 16-inch display, with the Pro also available in a 14-inch variant. They are sleek, portable and packed with advanced features. Designed to fit easily into a backpack, they are ideal devices to consider when putting together a portable toolbox that can handle whatever today’s remote work environment throws at it.

Find out how the new Samsung Galaxy Book4 series can renew your relationship with your laptop at samsung.com/uk/galaxy-book

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Requires 1 Galaxy smartphone with One UI 1.0 or later and signed in to the same Microsoft account. Position available in March.
2 Compatible with Galaxy Buds2 Pro. Requires a Galaxy smartphone or tablet running One UI 4.1.1 or later and signed into the same Samsung account.
3 Wi-Fi 6E compatible router required and sold separately.

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