Home Tech The Eureka E10 is an adorably silly robot vacuum cleaner

The Eureka E10 is an adorably silly robot vacuum cleaner

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Top view of round automatic vacuum cleaner on a beige carpet

This is not The best robot vacuum cleaner I have ever tried.

The Eureka E10 is quite affordable compared to other robot vacuums; Our recommendation for an affordable option is $800, while the E10 costs $600. You might think to yourself, Why buy a more expensive model then? Why spend more if you don’t have to?

The Eureka is a bit silly. It bumps into so many things you’d think you were blindfolded, and if I move the vacuum too much, like turning it around to cut hair with the brush, or if my toddler gets curious and pushes it, it will be forgotten. where is it and erase my home map from its memory. He’s adorably dumb when he doesn’t know how to navigate my husband’s office chair, and infuriatingly dumb when he gets stuck on the same stretch of rug-to-rug transition five times in a row.

It’s not a bad vacuum cleaner. If you can find it on sale and you want it primarily for cleaning carpets, you will probably be satisfied. I was very happy with the way it vacuumed my carpet. But the mop and built-in intelligence left a lot to be desired.

Level B Cleaning

The E10 is just a B student trying to survive here in the world, at least when it comes to vacuuming my carpet.

I was quite happy with the aspiration of the E10. He left behind the satisfying vacuum lines and the plush carpet that screamed “just cleaned!” But he wasn’t very good at removing all the cat litter from the floor and he tended to accumulate some litter underneath when he returned to base. Still, the vacuuming experience wasn’t much different than what I got with the much more expensive Dreame

Photography: Nena Farrell

The difference is in the mopping work. Most of today’s robot vacuum cleaners have rotating scrubbers, refillable water tanks, or self-cleaning tools. Not the E10, which has the same system as the robot mops of yesteryear, where water from a canteen is poured into the vacuum cleaner on top of the single mop pad. The vacuum cleaner then drags the slightly damp pad around the house to mop it.

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