Schoolies Australia is Pornhub's top trending term as teenagers party at Gold Coast, Byron Bay

A worrying trend has emerged on the world’s most viewed porn site as searches for videos featuring teens from Schoolies skyrocket.

The most trending term on Pornhub recently became ‘Schoolies Australia’ as thousands of teens celebrate the end of 13 years of school by partying in places like Byron Bay, the Gold Coast and Lorne.

The trend was spotted by a TikTok user on Monday, who urged “men to do better.”

The user blasted anyone searching for Schoolies videos as “seriously disgusting” given that most teens celebrating their high school graduation are either 17 or just 18.

The site states in its terms for users to post material that each individual in a video must have a “government photo ID proving they are at least 18 years of age.”

‘Schoolies Australia’ has become the top trending search term on a major website, raising concerns about the presence of underage party-goers (Schoolies at an event in Byron Bay pictured)

The User Criticized Anyone Searching For Schoolies Videos Like

The user blasted anyone searching for Schoolies videos as “seriously disgusting” given that most teens celebrating their high school graduation are either 17 or just 18.

The user said he was “very grateful that I now have to be verified to post” on Pornhub and hoped that verification would mean there were no videos of underage school teens on the platform.

Pornhub, which is the world’s largest pornography site, has been dogged by allegations that it features sexually explicit videos of underage subjects.

The site’s parent company, Mindgeek, is currently facing legal action in California for its alleged distribution of child sexual abuse images.

The controversy prompted Instagram in September to remove Pornhub’s account on the social media platform, which had 13.1 million followers and more than 6,200 posts but did not display explicit images.

Payment giants Mastercard and Visa have also cut ties with Pornhub’s main advertiser, although Visa still faces charges in the United States for aiding in the distribution of child sexual abuse images.

Pornhub Is The World'S Largest Pornography Website, But It Faces Charges In The Us For Distributing Child Sexual Abuse Images.

Pornhub is the world’s largest pornography website, but it faces charges in the US for distributing child sexual abuse images.

The controversy arises when thousands of Schoolies teenagers begin their second week of celebration in the centers of Australia.

Last week, a vile Schoolies checklist targeting teen party-goers surfaced online causing outrage and concern among parents.

He outlined 10 challenges for the children who attend, including a variety of explicit sexual acts, sexual assault, and drug use.

The first item on the list was ‘put a line on a girl’s ass’.

Drawing a line is a reference to snorting cocaine or amphetamines.

It was also revealed on Monday that the youths claim they were offered drugs for free on the streets and at party venues on the Gold Coast.

“A guy came up to me and said, ‘Do you want some (MDMA) capsules?'” a student told Seven News.

Parents Of Teens Attending Schoolies Celebrations At Surfers Paradise Were Shocked By A Vile

Parents of teens attending Schoolies celebrations at Surfers Paradise were shocked by a vile “checklist” (pictured) making the rounds on social media.

‘He looked pretty battered. He handed them over to me and I kept them until the end of the night and then I threw them away.

His friend added: ‘No, no drugs for me. No problem.’

One group claimed that drugs were offered everywhere, including at least twice in a few days at the beach party.

“Anywhere, from the hotel to the clubs, the street, the toilets and the beach party,” they said.

Queensland Police said they had not received any reports of drugs inside the official Schoolies Beach compound.

Police and local business owners said this year’s Schoolies were generally well-behaved compared to years past, as the celebrations enter their second week.

Over 18,000 School Leavers Poured Into Surfers Paradise For The First Week Of Schoolies

Over 18,000 school leavers poured into Surfers Paradise for the first week of Schoolies

Police made 165 arrests during the first week of the celebrations, with less than a third being Schoolies.

Portable metal detection wands scanned 918 revelers, resulting in 32 arrests, mostly for bail offenses and drug possession.

More than 25,000 Schoolies will descend on the Gold Coast this year alone during the three-week celebrations.

Around 18,000 school leavers attended the Surfers Paradise center in the first week, the vast majority from Queensland.

The center of the party welcomed its second group of NSW and Victoria school graduates over the weekend.

Thousands of other school leavers made their way to Byron Bay, the Sunshine Coast, Airlie Beach and Lorne and even further afield to Fiji and Bali.

Daily Mail Australia contacted Pornhub for comment.

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