Sara Sampaio shows off more stunning swimwear looks in her collaboration with Bikini Lovers

Sara Sampaio is glam in an orange bikini, as she takes a dip at the ocean in Zanzibar.

Sara Sampaio shared another set of photos from her campaign launch with swimwear brand Bikini Lovers.

After On Thursday, she posted the first set. The 31-year-old model shared more photos in a different bikini set at a different location and another set. 

The post featured Sampaio wearing a bright orange two piece with an underwire top, triangle bottoms and bright orange soaking up the sun in Zanzibar’s open waters. 

True beauty: Sara Sampaio shared additional photos from her collaboration for the Italian swimwear brand Bikini Lovers. The beauty donned a bright orange bikini to take a dip into the waters of Zanzibar in Tanzania.

Something to lean on: After taking off her top in water, the beauty leaned on a piece wood to cover her chest.

The photos were taken in Zanzibar’s turquoise waters, Tanzania. The beauty was able to swim, lounge, and pose in the water for the entire time. 

She captioned her post: ‘In my element for @bikinilovers I’m such a water baby I didn’t want to leave.’ 

Ruffles lined her bikini top and her hips in fabric.

She I wore minimal jewelry and opted for simple dangling white stone earrings. 

Floating. The stunning beauty showed off the toned stomach she had as she leaned back into the water in a pair of bikini bottoms.

Rare beauty: Sampaio looked straight at the camera with a rare beauty. The brunette sat comfortably in the water while the photographer took multiple angles to show her figure.

The Portuguese model chose to go natural and wore no makeup, keeping the photos very natural. 

There were also a few more risqué shots of the bombshell throughout the collection of photos. 

Sampaio was shown by one as she leaned against the branch. The branch covered her naked chest and the bikini over her woodwork next to it. 

Water lover: In candid shots, the siren had water drip off of her beautiful body.

In the distance She She turned away from the camera to capture her sharp jawline and slight curves.

Just hangin’ out She As her long brown hair floated around, she floated in the water with her legs supported by a few pieces wood.

Similar photo of the brunette floating in the water with her slim figure showing, while wearing only the orange bikini bottoms. 

Her She held onto a branch that covered her chest. 

The campaign’s first set of photos featured the model in a brown suit at the pool at a large mansion in Zanzibar.  

More! Sampaio shared more photos on Thursday, this time in a brown suit. 

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