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Shipit4us is an Online marketplace We have the most shipping categories of any transport marketplace ever. Ground, air, and ocean shipments can be dispatched on the basis of instant quotes or bidding. You can pick a price from hundreds of instant quotations or find a service that meets your budget and schedule.

that will really help you in shipping or moving almost any type of shipment over a long distance. Our service provider will collaborate with you to prepare a shipment arrangement that is suited to your specific requirements and manage the entire process from pickup to delivery.

This guideline will explain to you how to:

  • Pet Shipping Service
  • Make preparations for your pet for the move 
  • How to Ship a pet in Shipit4us Marketplace
  • Questions and Answers
  • Questions to ask pets transporters
  • Why should you choose Shipit4us for Pet Shipping?

Pet Shipping Service

In any of these scenarios, we’re here to assist you, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have. Shipit4us can assist you in determining how to send a pet, obtaining quotes from pet shipping specialists, and providing advice on how to prepare your pet for its journey. If things get a little rocky, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Shipit4us marketplace makes it simple to find trustworthy and affordable pet shipping services. Your pet’s breed, age, and any special needs should be included in your shipping list. In order to win your business, pet transport companies will offer you quotations. As a result, you’ll be able to acquire the best potential costs for transporting your pets.

Make preparations for your pet for the move 

When traveling with a pet, it is critical to plan ahead so that your pet arrives at the new location unscathed. You’ll need a kennel to keep your pet secure and comfortable during the trip. Include any prescribed drugs and/or dietary restrictions. When sending your pet, be sure to include a folder with contact information in case of emergency.

  • Basic automobile training Ensure your pet is comfortable riding in the car and spending some time in a carrier box.
  • Take your pet in for a check-up so veterinarians can confirm they’re fit to travel.
  • Pack their favorite foods, but don’t feed the pet for at least 2-3 hours beforehand they go.
  • Records pertaining to a dog’s health, vaccinations, birth certificate, etc.
  • Bring their favorite toys or blankets, if possible, to keep them quiet and comfortable.
  • Emergency Situations with Collars and Leashes Details on how to get in touch with us

How to ship a pet in Shipit4us Marketplace

Create a new shipment on shipit4us

Consider your needs, time range, and budget before making a decision. During the first listing process, you’ll be asked a few questions. If you need a kennel or a place for your pet to stay, have the following information ready: the pet’s name, breed, age, and any special needs it may have. There are many pet shipping companies that provide their own cages and kennels for your pet’s safety during shipment. The more information you can provide on your pet, the better.

Select the best pet shipping company

Once you’ve completed your shipment listing, you’ll begin receiving quotations from approved pet transport businesses. When getting shipping prices, be sure to grill the providers with questions. A good indication of the pet transporter’s responsiveness and personality can be gained from this experience.

It’s easy to see what other customers are saying about a shipper on Shipit4us by looking at their profile. If you want to know exactly how your pet would be transported, you can look at the vehicles that the carriers use. On Shipit4us you can see a list of all of their previous pet transportation and the experiences they had with consumers. We strongly urge that you study carrier profiles to ensure that you and your pet are getting the finest care possible.

Pet transport and delivery

Any questions, concerns, or additional information should be directed to your chosen animal transporter once you’ve made a decision. Notify your transport company of any third-party contact details and any time limits on the pickup and delivery end of your order. Have the agreed-upon payment available when it’s due. Prior to delivery, many pet transporters need full payment to ensure that the animal’s needs are met. Contact us if you have any problems with your pet shipper. If you have any questions or concerns about your upcoming transport, feel free to contact us.

Questions and Answers

Is listing pet shipping truly free?

Absolutely. There are no “listing costs” to worry about. You do not pay anything until you have negotiated the cost of transportation with the driver you wish to hire.

How stressful is a pet’s journey?

The stress of vehicle transportation is maintained to a minimum for most animals. Please visit your veterinarian if your pet has a high level of anxiety. If you want your pet to receive special attention, that is typically possible. Each driver provides a slightly different level of service – with a little extra work, you can locate someone with animal care degrees who can provide your pet with the most comfort possible.

Questions to ask pets transporters   

  • When did you start moving pets?
  • What policies and processes do you have in place?
  • How frequently do you contact me during n the trip?
  • When do you let the animals out?
  • What are you doing with animals that spend the night with you?
  • What should I bring with me for my pet?

Why should you choose Shipit4us for Pet Shipping?

Well knowledgeable

Shipit4us trusted providers have the knowledge to navigate veterinarian regulations, understand quarantine rules around the world, and ensure your pet has access to food and water while traveling.

Caring Group

It is our mission to care for your dogs, and we always prioritize their well-being. But we care about you as well. We’re here just to satisfy your curiosity, support your decisions, and ensure you’re always comfortable and confident.

Industry Professionals

The pet travel market is continuously evolving, and this is especially true now. We stay up to date on all the latest rules, and specific nation requirements to guarantee your pet arrives happy and healthy.

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