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Sad update on Australian Troy Smith who was allegedly caught with meth while on vacation in Bali

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Troy Smith, 49, has been

An Australian father-of-two who was allegedly caught with methamphetamine while on holiday in Bali is fighting in jail.

Troy Smith, 49, from Port Lincoln in South Australia, was allegedly caught with 3.19g of methamphetamine at the Champlung Mas hotel in Legian, Bali, on April 30. He faces 12 years in prison if he is convicted.

Police allegedly found 3.14g of methamphetamine hidden in a tube of Colgate toothpaste that had been sent to Smith from Cairns, in a package that was labeled as containing private documentation, photographs and lubricant.

Police allegedly found another 0.4g of drugs that had been bought in Bali, along with a water pipe and a lighter.

Troy Smith, 49, has been “crying” in a Balinese prison after being caught with 3.19g of methamphetamine at Legian’s Champlung Mas hotel on April 30.

Mr Smith's wife Tracy Ijusa (pictured), whom he married in December.

Mr Smith’s wife Tracy Ijusa (pictured), whom he married in December.

Smith’s lawyers said the package of drugs was allegedly sent to him by a friend as a thank you for helping with the purchase of a car, and Smith did not know what was in it.

Mr. Smith’s lawyer, Edward Pangkahili, said Mr. Smith had been crying in jail and was very stressed after the charges. The advertiser informs.

Smith was initially charged with drug possession, which carries a maximum sentence of 12 years, but was later charged with drug trafficking.

Outside a police news conference on Monday, one of Smith’s lawyers, Sienny Karmana, said his client had tried to evade arrest “because he was afraid,” and police fired two warning shots into the air before he was detained.

“The police said he tried to run away, but the police caught him. They fired shots in the air, he was shocked and then he fell and then the police caught him,” he said.

Just a few weeks ago, he was enjoying globe-trotting life as a newlywed, having tied the knot with his wife, Tracy Ijusa, after they met on Tinder.

He proposed in Bali in October and the couple tied the knot at the end of December in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, where Ijusa is originally from.

Photos from the day show the couple in love at the Lenana Mount Hotel. while other photos show them visiting the Masai Mara National Reserve wildlife conservation park.

The couple then returned to Bali, with snaps showing the pair enjoying time on the Indonesian island from February.

The life of luxury and hotel pools now seem like a distant memory for Smith, who faces years behind bars in the prison where Schapelle Corby and the Bali Nine served time.

Pangkahila revealed that his client’s wife was struggling to accept the arrest.

“Mrs. Ijusa cried at the police station when she found out.”

Mr. Smith is currently held in an overcrowded concrete cell at Denpasar police headquarters, with only a bucket to use as a toilet.

Officers will continue to question Mr. Smith on Monday, according to his lawyer, who insisted the meeting would not be an “interrogation.”

Mrs Ijusa is also expected to return to support her husband on the same day.

During a press conference at Port Lincoln Hospital on Friday, Premier Peter Malinauskas said Smith was receiving help from the Commonwealth.

“We are not engaged as a state government, but I understand that the Commonwealth is seeking to provide consular assistance to the gentleman concerned,” Mr Malinauskas said.

‘The allegations are serious in nature: they would be serious in Australia, but particularly serious in Bali.

‘It seems all too common for Australians to be charged with illicit substances in places like Indonesia.

“These are serious allegations and I am confident they will be resolved through the appropriate channels.”

Mr Smith and Ms Ijusa had been on holiday after their marriage in December which ended with Mr Smith's arrest.

Mr Smith and Ms Ijusa had been on holiday after their marriage in December which ended with Mr Smith’s arrest.

Police raided Mr Smith's room at the four-star Champlung Mas hotel (pictured)

Police raided Mr Smith’s room at the four-star Champlung Mas hotel (pictured)

Smith had struggled with alcoholism early in his life, which caused his children to cut off contact with him and his marriage to break up.

He said his world changed after meeting Ijusa.

“I’ve had an interesting last twelve years,” Smith said in the video.

‘Chronic alcoholic, absolutely at rock bottom. You couldn’t have drunk more than me.

‘I didn’t see any way out and to be honest I probably should be dead. The children don’t talk to me anymore.

“But then, in the strangest of circumstances, on a Tinder meetup I met this girl in Nairobi and I’ve been in Bali ever since.

‘Now I love life. This girl gives me motivation to do everything. She’s my life now.’

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