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Ronaldo praised for donating rubble from demolished ‘illegal’ outbuilding to needy families

Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo was praised after donating rubble from a demolished ‘illegal’ outbuilding at his riverside mansion in Portugal to needy families in the area

  • Cristiano Ronaldo was ruled to have built outside the designated area of ​​his mansion
  • But after demolishing the outbuilding and the house, he put the rubble to good use
  • The local mayor praised the Manchester United star for his donations

Cristiano Ronaldo has demolished an ‘illegal’ extension to one of his Portuguese homes and donated the rubble to needy families.

The Manchester United striker fulfilled his promise to tear down a housekeeper’s cottage and outbuilding next to a tennis court at the riverside mansion near the spa town of Geres in northern Portugal.

And the rocks and other materials left behind by bulldozers are given a second life after being handed over to locals living on the breadline.

An aerial view of Cristiano Ronaldo’s mansion in Portugal, where he has removed an extension

Manuel Tibo, mayor of Terras de Bouro of which Geres is a part, praised the star for his actions and told the local press: “It was a voluntary decision by Cristiano Ronaldo who should serve as an example for other property owners in the region.” .’

The Old Trafford hero was forced to tear down a gazebo on the roof of his Lisbon penthouse in September after being threatened with legal action.

Last month it was revealed that the five-time Ballon d’Or winner had once again run into trouble with planners over the £2.3million house near Geres.

Mr Tibo confirmed that the footballer had agreed to bulldoze the tennis court and two outbuildings, including the housekeeper’s house, after they were declared ‘illegal’.

He told local media at the time: “Cristiano Ronaldo submitted a project to us for approval and eventually built a property which was subsequently licensed in the area where he had permission to build.

“But he’s also built outside the allowed area and while we don’t have that important, it’s illegal.”

The 3,200-foot tennis court is expected to be razed to the ground in the coming days so that the 36-year-old father of four can meet the March 2022 deadline he has pledged to get rid of the illegal structures.

Cristiano is said to have sold the property to former Real Madrid teammate Pepe two years ago.

But respected Portuguese state broadcaster RTP recently discovered that he was still registered as the official owner of the sprawling mansion in the protected Peneda-Geres National Park overlooking the picturesque Cavado River.

As well as two luxury apartments in Lisbon, the Old Trafford frontman also owns a seven-storey block of flats overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Madrid’s capital Funchal, where his mother and brother live, and a £4.8 million fortress estate just outside Madrid called La Finca.

Cristiano is also having a new townhouse built on a large plot of land in Quinta da Marinha on the so-called Portuguese Riviera, half an hour from Lisbon airport and ten minutes from the center of the coastal town of Cascais.

The mayor of the area where Ronaldo's mansion is located praised him for donating the rubble

The mayor of the area where Ronaldo’s mansion is located praised him for donating the rubble

The all-time international goalscorer, whose partner Georgina Rodriguez is expecting twins, admitted his defeat in September over the controversial arbor in his £6.5million Lisbon penthouse. The design architect of the apartment building in Lisbon had promised to take him to court unless he removed it.

Jose Mateus accused Ronaldo of ‘scoring an own goal’ and ‘dishonoring his job’ in an astonishing attack on the former Juventus forward, while the planning chiefs announced an investigation in May shortly after the gazebo’s existence was revealed.

Cristiano’s older sister Elma Aveiro waded into the planning controversy at one point by labeling Mr. Mateus as “mentally retarded” in an astonishing defense of her brother.


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