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Reyna family slams ‘grossly unfair’ report on US Soccer fallout with coach Gregg Berhalter

Reyna family criticizes ‘disheartening and grossly unfair’ report on US Soccer fallout with Gregg Berhalter claiming Claudio pressured US Soccer over his son Gio and Danielle refused to admit leaked details about former soccer coach’s 1992 dispute USA with his wife

The Reyna family has strongly criticized a report revealing several explosive comments made by both Claudio and Danielle, parents of USMNT player Gio.

The results of an investigation into World Cup coach Gregg Berhalter’s domestic violence incident with his now-wife in 1992 and his hiring as a USMNT coach were released Monday. In part, it was less than a brilliant reflection of Reyna’s parents.

The report found that while Claudio and Danielle Reyna did not commit ‘blackmail or extortion’, the question was raised as to whether Claudio’s communications violate FIFA’s Code of Ethics.

Through an agent, they fiercely defended themselves, suggesting that the objective findings were, in fact, different.

“Claudio and Danielle acknowledge saying and doing things in the heat of the moment that they regret, particularly the statement that triggered the investigation,” Dan Segal, Claudio and Gio’s agent. he told The Washington Post.

Danielle and Claudio Reyna said that Gregg Berhalter beat up his now wife Rosalind

The Reynas complained about USMNT coach Gregg Berhalter’s treatment of their son, Gio

‘Gio acknowledges that, like countless players before him, he showed too much disappointment when he was not selected to play in the World Cup.

‘That’s only part of the story here, but the only side of the story the researchers chose to tell. It is disheartening and grossly unfair to see the family turned into one-dimensional caricatures to advance a narrative that benefits others.’

The report by Alston & Bird says Rosalind and Gregg Berhalter hit each other during a fight and that their investigation “has uncovered no evidence to contradict” their accounts.

The investigation came after Berhalter criticized American midfielder Gio Reyna, saying he had not lived up to expectations at the World Cup in Qatar, and Reyna’s mother, Danielle, later informed the federation of the 1992 incident with Rosalind. after last year’s tournament that rocked the United States. soccer.

Claudio Reyna, the report says, had “a pattern of periodic contact…with US Soccer officials and staff from about 2016 through late 2022…to convey complaints and comments about US Soccer’s treatment of his children, including primarily his son, USMNT player Gio Reyna.’

Specific complaints in the report include Claudio Reyna calling for a red card against his son to be overturned in 2016, complaining about the involvement of a female referee in a 2018 game and complaining about travel plans and accommodations in 2019.

Details alluding to Danielle Reyna’s call to the then director of US Soccer, Earnie Stewart, after the elimination of the USMNT in the World Cup in the round of 16, were also analyzed.

USMNT World Cup coach Gregg Berhalter has been cleared by independent investigation

USMNT World Cup coach Gregg Berhalter has been cleared by independent investigation

Gio Reyna's future with the United States team remains overshadowed after the latest controversy

Gio Reyna’s future with the United States team remains overshadowed after the latest controversy