Long locks: Her blonde hair was parted in the middle and tucked behind her ear on one side

Resse Witherspoon (Zey Deutch) and Shay Mitchell displayed some skin at the Something From Tiffany’s Los Angeles premiere will be Tuesday. 

Reese (46) wore a little black gown that reached her knees and showed off her massive chest. 

Her Blonde hair was parted at the middle and tucked behind her ears on one side. She wore tall, black stilettos. 

She Her accessories included a silver necklace and light pink lips. 

While Kendrick Sampson watched, Deutch chatted with Deutch and admired her large diamond rings. 

The 28-year old wore a stunning, off-the shoulders powder blue gown with a long train. 

Long locks Her Blonde hair was parted in middle and tucked behind one ear.

Standing Tall: She Stood On Tall Black Stilettos

Standing tall She Standing on tall black stilettos

Grinning: Witherspoon And Deutch Huddled Up While On The Carpet

Grinning: Deutch, Witherspoon and Deutch were huddled on the carpet.

Taking A Look: The Walk The Line Star Chatted With Deutch On The Red Carpet

Taking a look: The Walk the Line star chatted with Deutch on the red carpet

Amazed: She Gawked At Her Huge Diamond Rings As Actor Kendrick Sampson Looked On

Amazed: She As Kendrick Sampson, actor, looked on, he gawked at her enormous diamond rings.

Grinning: The Trio Had Huge Smiles On Their Faces As They Chatted About Her Diamonds

Grinning: They all smiled as they discussed her diamonds. 

Silky Hair: She Parted Her Brown-Blonde Hair In The Middle. Her Tresses Fell In Waves Down The Sides Of Her Face

Silky hair She Her brown-blonde hair was parted in the middle. Her Her face was shattered by her tresses.

Coat: Sampson, 34, Wore A Gray Tench Coat Over A White Button-Down Shirt And A Pair Of Matching Slacks

Coat: Sampson, 34, wore a gray tench coat over a white button-down shirt and a pair of matching slacks

She Her brown-blonde hair was parted in the middle. Her Her tresses fell down her sides in waves. 

Witherspoon was completely stunned when she saw Deutch’s rings and her mouth was full of questions. 

Sampson, 34 years old, wore a gray trench over a white button down shirt and matching slacks. 

He The otherwise light ensemble was completed with black boots. 

Serene: Deutch Looked Serene While Standing On The Red Carpet


Diamonds: A Large Diamond Piece Sat In Her Silky Hair

Diamonds: She sat with a large piece of diamond jewelry in her silky hair

Splash Of Color: Emily Skinner, 20, Wore A Red Jacket Over A Tiny Black Dress That Ended High On Her Long Legs

Splash of color: Emily Skinner, 20, wore a red jacket over a tiny black dress that ended high on her long legs

Little Black Dress: Francesca Capaldi'S Tiny Black Gown Just Barely Covered Her Chest And Stopped Just Above Her Knees. Fringe Exploded Out From His Chest

Little black dress: Francesca Capaldi’s tiny black gown just barely covered her chest and stopped just above her knees. His chest exploded with Fringe

Mitchell, 35, wore a white blazer and a white bra over a white sheer bra. She Also, white high heels were added to the mix with flowing white pants. 

She Her neck was adorned with large gold necklaces. Her lips were coloured a matte pink. 

Her Her black hair was brushed to her left, and she let her hair fall in a thick curl down to her chest. 

Emily Skinner (20) wore a red jacket and a small black dress that reached high above her long legs. She She wore silver flats with a big smile and had a big grin. 

Tall Heels: She Added Black High Heels As Well

Accessory: The 24-Year-Old Slung A Black Leather Handbag Over Her Shoulder

Lots of black: Caylee Cowan looked fashionable in a black coat, black shirt and light blue jeans

Long Locks: She Parted Her Blonde Hair In The Middle And Tucked It Behind Her Ears

Long locks She You should have parted your blonde hair at the roots and tied it behind your ears.

Francesca Capaldi was barely covered in her tiny black gown and it stopped just below her knees. Fringe leapt from his chest.  

The 18-year old actress let her fiery-red hair fall down her back and added black heels to her outfit. 

Caylee Cowan looked trendy in a black coat and light blue jeans. She Also, black high heels were added. 

The 24-year old slung a bag made of black leather over her shoulder. She then tucked her hair behind her ears and parted her blonde hair. 

She Her lips were painted a bright cherry red. 

Ensemble: Emily Nicol, 19, Wore A Fun White Top Cut Out At The Shoulders And Showing Just A Sliver Of Her Stomach

Bright: Xochitl Gomez, 16, Stepped Out In A Red, Plaid Dress With A Belt Wrapped Around Her Waist

More stars: Emily Nicol and Xochitl Gomez both attended the big night too

Silver: Producer Tamara Chestna Wore A Silver Gown Slit Down The Front Showing Off Her Legs

Silver: Producer Tamara Chestna wore a silver gown slit down the front showing off her legs

Emily Nicol, 19 years old, wore a fun and white top that was cut at the shoulders and showed only a small amount of her stomach. She This outfit was complete with a black leather jacket as well as black slacks. 

Xochitl, 16 years old, stepped out wearing a plaid red dress with a belt around her waist. 

Tamara Chestna was a producer who wore a silver gown with a slit in the front, showing off her legs. She Her blonde hair should be just below her shoulders. 

Sarah Catherine Hook wore a low-cut, black dress with matching black shoes and a black leather jacket. 

Leather Look: Sarah Catherine Hook Wore A Low-Cut Black Dress Under A Black Leather Jacket And Matching Black Shoes

Leather look: Sarah Catherine Hook wore an elegant black low-cut dress and black leather jacket with matching shoes.

Group Photo: The Team Behind The Movie Stood Together At The Big Event

Group photo: At the big event, the team behind the movie stood together 

Lots Of Creatives: Something From Tiffany'S Is An Upcoming Romantic-Comedy Produced By Witherspoon And Starring Deutch And Sampson (L To R: Deutch, Witherspoon And Mitchell)

Many creatives: There is something for everyone From Tiffany’s is a romantic comedy that Witherspoon has produced and stars Deutch (L to R: Deutch), Witherspoon, and Mitchell).

Rom-Com: The Film Tells That Story Of 'A Woman As Her Life Gets Upended When An Engagement Ring That Was For Someone Else Leads Her To The Person She'S Meant To Be With,' According To The Film'S Imdb Page

Rom-com: The film tells that story of ‘a woman as her life gets upended when an engagement ring that was for someone else leads her to the person she’s meant to be with,’ according to the film’s IMDb page

Something From Tiffany’s, a romantic-comedy starring Deutch & Sampson, is being produced by Witherspoon. 

According to the film’s description, the story is about a woman whose life is disrupted by an engagement ring she received for another person that leads her to the man she was meant to be with. IMDb page. 

Amazon Prime Video will release the movie on December 9th.  

Coming Soon: The Movie Is Set For Release On Amazon Prime Video On December 9

Coming soon: The movie is set for release on Amazon Prime Video on December 9