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Rebecca Grossman, a Socialite, claims she’s the target ‘a lot hate and anger.

Rebecca Grossman, a socialite, says she is the victim of a lot of hate and anger and has considered suicide ever since killing two brothers in Los Angeles with her Mercedes. 

Grossman, 58, is waiting a double murder trial for the deaths of Mark Iskander, 11, and Jacob Iskander, eight. 

She drove her Mercedes to the boys at 7.10pm on September 29, 2020. 

She had been seen drinking earlier that day at a Mexican restaurant with retired Dodgers pitcher Scott Erickson, but was not over the legal limit to drive at the time. 

She While Grossman claims it was an unfortunate accident, the prosecution is pursuing murder charges. The case has one troubling aspect: witness testimony suggesting that Grossman, Erickson could have been racing on the streets. 

Grossman, however, insists that isn’t the case and states that the accident was caused due to a poorly lit cross-walk. 

Rebecca Grossman, age 58, is shown here with her husband Dr. Peter Grossman in 2017. She She is currently awaiting trial for double murder charges in relation to the deaths of her two young brothers.

Mark Iskander (11 years) and Jacob (8 years) were killed in the collision in 2020.

The black box in her car shows that she was traveling at 73 mph at the time of the accident, well above the 45 mph limit. 

The boys were with their siblings and parents at the time. Their parents were able halt the hit on their younger siblings, but they could not reach the boys. 

Jacob died in hospital just a few hours after Mark’s death. 

Interview with Los Angeles Magazine This week, she stated that she is being misunderstood and misunderstood in public and by the police. 

‘There is a lot of hate and anger out there… and that hate stems from believing everything that’s been put out there about who I am: that I have no remorse, that I’m this monster, that this hasn’t affected my life, that I just go about my every day as if this never happened. 

‘That’s just not true,’ she said. 

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Grossman’s Mercedes following the incident. Grossman’s Mercedes after the incident. 

Grossman at court earlier in the year. She She pleaded guilty to murder charges but is now appealing to California’s Supreme Court to reduce her charges to vehicular assault. 

She Erickson and her are friends, not lovers as suggested by their parents. Erickson claimed that Erickson was her friend and that she was so troubled with guilt that Erickson had made her consider suicide. 

“The thought that I should take the easy way out crossed me. She stated that it still does sometimes. 

Grossman’s husband is famous L.A. burn surgeon Dr. Peter H. Grossman. 

Together they co-founded The Grossman Burn Center where comedian Jay Leno was recently treated. 

Mark and Jacob were on a walk with their parents and siblings at the time of their deaths. Although the parents managed to stop Mark and Jacob from being hit, they were unable to reach their two younger siblings in time. 

He The magazine was informed by the following:She Everyday, she cries. She She may never get out of this emotional prison. 

Grossman’s daughter also has a website that she hopes will prove her innocence. 

Family members deny the police reports and claim that she attempted to flee the scene following the accident. 

They claim she does not deserve to be charged with murder and have previously attempted to reduce her charges to vehicular manslaughter. The judge refused their request. 

Grossman was widely criticised for his attempt to avoid justice, in addition to the crime. 

Court proceedings were delayed because she failed to appear in court and her lawyer’s death. She Free in a $2million cash bail 

Grossman is appealing the murder charges against California’s Supreme Court. A pre-trial hearing has been set for January  10.   


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