6 Reasons Whiskey is Healthy for You


It might surprise you to know that whiskey is more than a drink to celebrate with friends at parties or special events. In addition, this drink comes with a series of health benefits. As a result, it is high time you stopped feeling bad about your decision to enjoy a glass of whiskey, provided you drink in moderation. 

Whiskey tastes good and is one of the few alcohols low in fats, sodium, and cholesterol. It has a low carb index removing the need to pack any form of the gut. The drink stands out for its simplicity and natural flavor. You will love the excitement from the warm flavor, even in the basic form.
This is a timeless classic drink that people love for its composition and flavor. In addition, it is a unique alcohol with a series of antioxidants that can bring about many health benefits if consumed moderately. Here are some reasons why whiskey is a healthy choice.

  • Reduced Risk of Heart Issues 

Good cholesterol sets the stage for a healthy heart. Top-quality whiskey like bird dog whiskey rewards users with an antioxidant boost, which prevents heart issues. The body finds it easy to absorb the phenolic compounds present in whiskey.

Many scientific studies have revealed that a cup of whiskey every day can significantly bring down your risk of heart failure and disease. In addition, moderate alcohol consumption increases the number of good cholesterol present in the blood, according to research. This serves as a natural shield against heart diseases. 

  • It Can Slow Down Aging.

Whiskey stands out for its ability to improve longevity. High concentrations of antioxidants in them sets the stage for a healthy and perfect life devoid of a series of health issues. 

In addition to increasing your lifespan and life expectancy, whiskey can successfully help mask some signs of aging. It will keep you looking younger with fresh skin and a natural glow that exudes confidence. 

While whiskey is not a fountain of youth, it can be your ticket to the extra push you need to forge ahead in life. 

Keeps Your Mind Active

There are scientific studies that have established the benefit of whiskey alongside its effect in increasing memory capacity. Also, there are indications that whiskey might be a good choice for people already showing signs of dementia. But, of course, this is not surprising when you consider its ability to keep the mind alert and fresh. 

Whiskey boosts your cognitive abilities, significantly reducing your risk of developing a disease like Alzheimer’s and memory loss. This can improve the overall quality of life. One of the major components of whisky – ellagic acid has potent memory aids that can help eliminate free radicals and toxins in the body. When these unhealthy environmental components leave the body, it is possible to keep the mind healthy and live a happy, long life. 

  • Reduced Risk of Dementia

One prominent disease peculiar to the adult population is dementia. Sadly, there is no known cure for dementia yet, but one can only prevent it. One of the potent ways of preventing dementia is via the consumption of whiskey. 

According to a 2003 study, adults who drank an average of three glasses of whiskey every day have a 50% lower chance of developing dementia compared to heavy and non-drinkers. This comes down to moderation, as a couple of glasses will reduce your risk while multiple glasses significantly increase your risk as well. 

  • It Reduces Blood Clotting 

Blood clotting is excellent and essential to prevent excessive loss of blood. This phenomenon also comes to play when there is an internal injury to avoid excessive blood loss. However, a blood clot becomes a problem when the clot spreads to other parts of the body, especially the lungs, brains, and heart. 

However, according to research, whiskey consumption has proven to be significantly helpful in reducing unhelpful blood clots.  This is due to whisky’s ability as a natural blood thinner. In addition, blood clotting can create issues when there is bad cholesterol. Therefore, one of the strong points of whisky is its promotion of good cholesterol that combats the bad one. As a result, the occurrence of a blood clot will less likely cause any significant damage. 

  • A Terrific Weight Loss Tool

Whiskey is free of carbs, fat and has sugar in minute quantities. As a result, whiskey is the perfect choice for people who want to enjoy alcohol and still keep their weight checked. It is also the perfect choice for people who prefer a drink that works with their diet regimen. 

The absence of fat, carbs, and little sugar makes it the perfect choice for diabetes compared to other alcohols. This is because it will not disturb the blood glucose level. According to a Harvard Study, moderate and regulated consumption of alcohol can shield you from type-2 diabetes. 

The distillation process of whiskey also makes it gluten-free. This is because a sweet-tasting whiskey has its taste not from sugar but oils alongside other compounds in it. This is also the case with whiskies with artificial colors from caramel.  


Whiskey is a terrific drink with a series of health benefits. These benefits, however, are only available to people who can drink in moderation. As a result, a glass of whiskey per day can position you for these superb health benefits. 

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