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PUBG Update No. 23.1.. The most important new features and rewards | -WhatsNew2Day


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Crafton revealed the details of PUBG update No. 23.1, which is now available on computers and home devices.

The new update brings with it a lot of improvements and modifications to the game system, maps, and fixes for some problems and balancing.

normal match

The general set of rules for regular matches has been updated. These changes will affect Erangel, Miramar, Taigo and Diston. The blue zone during stages 1-3 is now similar to the rating one, a bit faster than before, and more items will appear in general.

  • arms ARAndDMRAndSR Main
  • Helmets, jackets, and backpacks
  • binoculars

Also, gliders have been added to Taigu, Vikendi, and Diston. Also, more vehicles will appear in general, as the rate of appearance of major vehicles such as four-wheelers has been adjusted; to appear more frequently among all the vehicles shown. Some vehicles will appear in fixed locations. Other systems, such as the aircraft’s trajectory and final circle location, are set; to match the rating system.

Diston has been added to the map collection.

    • Number of players: 64.
    • It’s sunny.
    • Red Zone, Safety Keys, and Tactical Gear will not be available.
    • Fixed vehicle spawn locations added.
    • Weapons are available O12AndMP9.

Season 22 Rewards PUBG Update 23.1

Below you will find the rewards you will receive based on your last level in the previous ranking season.


Season 22 rewards


ID badge PUBG bronze


ID badge PUBG silver


ID badge PUBG golden

The appearance of the classification umbrella


ID badge PUBG Animated Platinum

The appearance of the classification umbrella

Platinum medal


ID badge PUBG animated diamond

The appearance of the classification umbrella

Diamond, Platinum Medal

The expert

ID badge PUBG Animation expert

Animated expert name plate

The appearance of the classification umbrella

Platinum Medal, Diamond Medal, Expert Medal

Top 500

Additional rewards for the top 500 players:

  • ID badge PUBG Animated top 500 players
  • Animated nameplate for the top 500 players

PUBG Update No 231 The most important new features and

  • Parachute skin and medals are permanent rewards.
  • The rest of the obtainable rewards are available for use for the duration of one Ranking Season.
  • You can find the rewards in your inventory once Season 23 begins.
  • Once Season 23 is over, and the server is under maintenance, all rewards will be withdrawn from the Edit Profile page except for the Parachute and Medal.


  • Grenades have been added BZ To Taigo and Diston.
  • Folding shields have been added to all maps.
  • Erangel, Miramar, and Taigu emergency trucks have been added.
  • Gliders have been added to Taigu, and Diston.

Gameplay changes in PUBG update 23.1

PUBG Update No 231 The most important new features and

To enhance the sense of satisfaction and effect when directing a shot to the head, a new visual effect has been added that causes the helmet to fall when hit. In the event that a weapon is used to direct a shot to the head, the durability of the helmet is reduced to 0; You will fall.

  • Ascender Attachment and Support Parachute icons have been removed from the inventory.
  • Support parachutes can be used at any time on each map.
  • The Ascender Attachment can be used where Ascender is installed.
  • With support parachutes available everywhere, the emergency canopy has been removed from Miramar and Haven.
  • If the player disconnects before the plane lands, their parachute will now automatically follow the player with the next number.

the performance

  • In-game jump performance has been improved.
  • Memory usage has been improved through compression, and in-game audio quality adjustments. This will load only the necessary sounds for each mode and map; This leads to improved memory efficiency.
  • A game file integrity check pop-up will appear if corrupt files are detected when opening the game.
  • The crash that occurs when opening the in-game inventory for the first time has been improved.
  • The stop that occurs when opening the stock with the joystick has been improved.

This is the most important information that we can share with you about PUBG Update No. 23.1. While you can view more details through the official page here.

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