Ponting’s “Scary Moment for Me” – Ponting comments on his experience with sharp chest pains

Former Australia captain Ricky Ponting has returned to work to commentate at the Australia-West Indies Test match in Perth just 24 hours after suffering “sharp pains” in his chest that sent him to hospital.
Ponting spoke openly and honestly on Channel Seven on Saturday morning about the health scare he suffered on Friday. He was grateful for the quick thinking of close friend and former teammate Justin Langer and Seven’s head of cricket Chris Jones, who urged him to seek immediate treatment after feeling pain in his chest during a commentary session before lunch on Friday.

“I probably scared a lot of people yesterday and had a scary moment for myself,” Ponting said Channel Seven. “I was in the communications box half way through the stint and got some really short and sharp pains in my chest. I was trying to stretch it out and get rid of it, and probably didn’t want to give too much away when I was in the air.

“I had a couple of those incidents, got through the stint and went to walk to the back of the commentary box and got lightheaded and dizzy and grabbed the bench. I said to JL on the way out, who was commenting with me, that I had been having this pain in my chest and Chris Jones heard me and just reacted right away and got me out of there Ten or 15 minutes later I was in the hospital getting the best possible treatment.

“I feel great this morning, I’m all shiny and new this morning.

“I think the bottom line is, the fact that I was willing to share it with JL and the fact that your partner cares for you, I think as people our age, we’re a little hesitant to share a lot or about talking about our health and i think that’s a good learning curve for me yesterday especially with what’s been going on over the last 12-18 months to really close people around us my little buddy took care of me and got me down there and I’m back, shiny and new this morning.”

Ponting, Langer and their former teammates, many of whom are in Perth to provide commentary for various broadcasts, have become hyper-conscious about their heart health this year, particularly following the recent deaths of former Australian players Dean Jones, Rod Marsh and Shane Warne and the severe heart attacks of former teammates Darren Lehmann and Ryan Campbell.

Ponting and a large group of his former Australian teammates from the late 1990s and early 2000s, including Lehmann, organized a holiday together earlier this year and vowed to take better care of themselves and each other after mourning the loss of Marsh, Warne and Andrew Symonds in the space of three months.

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