The terrifying moment the man flailed a large knife outside a Lebanese restaurant on the A404 Harrow Road in the Maida Hill neighbourhood on Thursday at around 8pm

Maida Vale machete horror! A 42-year-old man is arrested after waving a large knife in an affluent North London suburb

  • 42-year-old man was arrested for waving a machete on busy Maida Vale Street
  • He On Thursday night, the large knife was flailed outside a Harrow Road Restaurant
  • He is seen running with the weapon after a pedestrian at 8pm.
  • The Met Police then showed up and pepper sprayed him before cuffing him

A man was seen swinging his machete at pedestrians in London’s busy streets. He was eventually arrested by officers.

Surrounding witnesses captured the moment that the 42-year-old male held the large knife in his hand outside a Lebanese restaurant located on the A404 Harrow Road in Maida Hill, which is close to the wealthy Maida Vale.

The knifeman, who was dressed in a brown coat and a baker boy hat, was captured pointing the edge of his blade at a pedestrian outside Sam’s Chicken. It was around 8pm on Thursday evening.

The footage was taken from Zagros Food Centre and shows him lunging at a man multiple times. He eventually backed off, and was not hit with the machete.

The moment the man held a large knife in his hand outside a Lebanese restaurant at the A404 Harrow Road in Maida Hill on Thursday, around 8:15pm

The Man Was Pepper-Sprayed By Officers Before He Was Eventually Arrested

Officers pepper-sprayed the man before he was ultimately arrested

The Man Flailed His Large Knife At A Pedestrian Causing Chaos On The Busy London Street

The man threw his large knife at a pedestrian, causing chaos on busy London streets

A knife-wielding attacker also attacked multiple times the front doors of the Lebanese restaurants.

Later footage showed him running at the pedestrian with the machete.

A number of police officers arrived on the scene and shouted at this man. He then dropped his weapon to the floor.

The officers shouted at each other: “Get back!” Get on the floor. Grab your mat now.

The man started removing his coat as a police officer, flanked by two colleagues, then pepper-sprayed him.

The officer shouted at the man to get down and pointed a taser at him. Get down. Stop. Stop. 50,000 volts.’

He was then told by police to get on the floor and place his hands on his head.

He As a police car arrived on the scene, an officer placed his hands behind his back and cuffed him.

According to the Met Police, three people were injured in the drama. They continue to investigate the incident. 

The Man With The Machete Ran At The Pedestrian, Chasing Him With His Weapon Brandished

 The machete-wielding man ran at the pedestrian and chased him with his weapon.

Several Police Officers Arrived At The Scene And The Man Then Threw His Weapon To The Ground

A number of police officers arrived on the scene, and the man threw the weapon to the ground. 

An Officer Shouted Pointed A Taser At The Man And Shouted: 'Get Down! Get Down! Stop! Stop! 50,000 Volts!'

The officer shouted at the man with a taser and shouted: “Get down! Get down! Stop! Stop! 50,000 volts!’ 

Police Then Instructed Him To 'Get On The Floor' And 'Put Your Hands On Your Head', To Which He Complied Before He Was Cuffed And Later Taken Into Custody

The police instructed him to “get on the ground” and “put your hands on his head”, which he did. He was then cuffed and taken into custody.

MailOnline was informed by a spokesperson for the Met Police that they were called to investigate reports of a man with a large knife in a Harrow Road restaurant.

Officers arrived and found the 42-year-old male. He Was arrested for possession of offensive weapons, and affray.

‘He He was taken to hospital for precautionary purposes before being taken into custody.

“Three people were treated to minor injuries.

‘Enquiries continue.’