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“PM Discusses Green Subsidies with Biden, Rishi Sunak in Latest News”


Rishi Sunak will raise concerns about Joe Biden’s flagship package of green technology grants when the pair meet in Washington DC.

The prime minister arrived in the US late last night for two days of meetings with business leaders and senior figures in Congress, culminating in talks with the US president at the White House.

He will push for action on artificial intelligence regulation and push for greater economic cooperation between the UK and the US.

Senior members of the administration have criticized Mr Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act as protectionist and disruptive.

Despite promises from Energy Secretary Grant Shapps that the government was working with the US to smooth out the “rough edges” that could affect British companies seeking to trade across the Atlantic, difficulties remain.

Mr Sunak told reporters who traveled to the US with him: “It’s something that he (Mr Biden) and I have discussed in the past and you would expect us to continue to discuss.”

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