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PlayStation boss: Sony is sticking to its current strategy of upcoming PC exclusives


PlayStation’s CEO said the company is sticking to its guns with its current strategy of not releasing PC versions of its exclusive games on day one.

In a recent interview with FamitsuJim Ryan dismissed the idea of ​​releasing PC versions of PS5 exclusives, such as God of War: Ragnarok, on the same day they launch on PS5, saying it would take two to three years to port them to PC.

“We fully understand the importance of PS5 exclusives. As I mentioned earlier, the main responsibility of PlayStation Studios is to create games for the latest PlayStation consoles that players will enjoy. We are increasing the number of PS5 exclusives and releasing amazing PC releases,” said Ryan.

He added, “I often get the opportunity to ask gamers for their opinions, and when I ask them how they feel about the timeline, they often say that they feel it is acceptable to release the PC version two or three years after the PlayStation version.”

PlayStation has had a lot of success with the PC versions, and there’s likely to be more to come in the near future, as Sony prepares to release Spider-Man 2 and other exclusives later this year.

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