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Peter Schweizer’s ‘Drill Down’ Follows the Money on Latest Biden Family Corruption Revelations


The internet is tightening up. Home Republicans are getting more proof that links Hunter Biden’s China company transactions to other members of the Biden household including his dad, the existing president of the United States. Peter Schweizer initially exposed a number of the connections and the coincidences all the method back in 2018, and the Government Accountability Institute continues to reveal brand-new information. Peter and co-host Eric Eggers information the most recent discoveries on the most current episode of The Drill Down.

On March 17, your house Oversight Committee launched a memorandum detailing bank records that it states reveal several Biden household got payments from an account established by a John Robinson (Rob) Walker, a Biden household partner, quickly after that account got a $3 million wire transfer from a Chinese business.

Committee chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY), this weekend informed Maria Bartiromo on Fox News, “We’re going to follow the cash. We understood there was a cash path, we’ve talked to sufficient individuals that were associated with the dubious company video games all around the world.” Comer included, “Everything that we’ve subpoenaed so far was precise from what our whistleblowers were informing us, and we have a great deal more details. This was the very first offer, and we have much more to come.”

GAI has actually been on top of the Hunter Biden story because 2018. Its research study group is still revealing brand-new information. The discovery of Hunter Biden’s disposed of laptop computer has actually yielded a chest of info to reporters and congressional private investigators of how the Biden household benefited from handle Chinese business straight connected to the Chinese Communist Party and Chinese intelligence. For GAI, it validated what Peter had actually exposed in chapters 2 and 3 of his 2018 book Secret Empires and his follow-up books, Profiles in Corruption (2020) and Red Handed (2022 ), each of which had areas detailing brand-new findings about this topic.

Peter begins by asking Eric about the brand-new disclosures about the Biden household’s business.

“Well, that word’businessis doing a great deal of work there. Some would state ‘plan.'” Eric quips. He includes that the info gathered by the Oversight committee has actually verified the monetary records of the pass-thru transfers from these linked Chinese accounts.

Peter describes how the Biden household has actually altered its story given that 2018. In 2018, they stated there were no offers. In 2020, when more proof appeared and the problem was raised throughout a governmental dispute, they stated that there were offers, however they got no cash from China.

Cut to this weekend, and Eric checks out the most recent discovery from Hunter Biden’s lawyers’ action to Comer’s concerns, that Hunter “got his part of good-faith seed funds, which he showed his uncle James Biden and with Hallie Biden, with whom he was included at the time and sharing costs.”

Peter is not pleased. “The ‘great faith seed cash’ to me is fake if you’re doling it out to relative,” he stated. “Seed cash is expected to be to get an organization up and running, to lease workplace, that example … But a minimum of they are now acknowledging they have actually had and benefited from these offers.”

In numerous methods, the Bidens took a page from Bill and Hillary Clinton, who utilized the Clinton Foundation as a slush fund to finance their individual way of lives. Where the outrageous payments to Bill Clinton for making speeches was more open, the pattern set by the Bidens is to intentionally look for to obscure the function of Joe Biden in the household organization. Among the plans exposed from e-mail exchanges recuperated from the laptop computer, for instance, goes over Hunter getting an additional stake of an organization proposition from the Chinese energy business CEFC scheduled as “10% for the huge person.”

Peter states they took those actions to obscure it due to the fact that “they understood CEFC was questionable.”

Another example is a plan for that looks genuine however where Hunter and other member of the family fronted the offer to odd Joe Biden’s function.

There are e-mails associated to the facility of 2 various “Biden Centers” at the U. of Delaware and U. of Penn that go over the brand-new center’s spending plan. In August of 2016, as Joe is ending up his term as vice president, household consultant Eric Schwerin e-mails the household to validate the center’s spending plan at $2.5 MM a year for 5 years. Schwerin composes that “we require to begin considering what to do programmatically since the whole $2.5 million can’t be invested in incomes.”

GAI continues to follow this emerging story.

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