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People share the American foods they find most disgusting, from ‘salty jelly’ to canned whole chicken.

Enough to turn your stomach! People share the American foods they find most disgusting, from ‘salty jelly’ recipes to canned whole chicken.

  • People in the US and beyond revealed the American foods they find disgusting
  • Bored Panda compiled the photos in a gallery that will turn your stomach
  • Food items include marshmallow ‘fruit’ salads and canned whole chicken.

Some classic American foods are a delight to diners around the world, like cornbread or apple pie.

But the less tempting options shared by social media users in the US and beyond, and compiled by bored pandait’s likely to turn your stomach.

Among the less delicious options listed is a recipe for salty jelly, filled with what appears to be kiwi, olives, and oysters.

Meanwhile, another disgruntled diner spoke of his disdain for a Midwestern “fruit salad,” a very sweet dessert filled with marshmallows.

Here, FEMAIL shares the American foods that have caused a stir on social media…

This “salty jelly” dish, shared by a user believed to live in the UK, has a jelly base filled with what appears to be kiwi, olives and some type of shellfish, possibly oysters.

Whole canned chicken was described by many as one of the most disgusting foods in the US, with one social media user saying “no sane person” has ever eaten the product.

Among the dishes cited by social media users were biscuits and gravy, with one disgusted diner describing the gravy as “too salty” and “frozen”.

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However, Ranch on Pizza divided opinion a bit, with some saying the combination was inexplicable, but others expressing appreciation for the sauce.

Cincinnati chili was cited by some as an unpopular dish. Unlike its more traditional counterpart, the food features spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and allspice, giving it a sweet taste.

Known as “Midwestern Fruit Salad,” this dessert mixes a lot of marshmallows with cream and a bit of fruit, making it too sweet for some.

A European poster said they were very disappointed in Pop Tarts, a staple of the American breakfast table.

The quintessential American candy Twinkies were described as “overrated” by one social media user, though another said they were “delicious.”

Boiled peanuts, said to be popular in the South, were described by one US social media user as having a very bad “smell”.

Eaten in countries all over the world and not just in the United States, pork feet were another dish that divided opinion, with some calling them disgusting but others enjoying them.


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