Pauline Hanson SHRIEKS at rugby star turned MP David Pocock – giving him a rude new nickname

Pauline Hanson lit up the Senate, slamming David Pocock, a rugby star who became a politician and giving him a cruel and rude new nickname. 

One Nation Senator, in an angry speech, lashed out at Mr Pocock for passing the new industrial relations bill so quickly. 

Ms Hanson stated that Senator Pocock told readers in today’s Sydney Morning Herald article that he had written ‘DWYSYWD’ in his rugby locker.

It stands for: “Do what your promise.” She raised her voice, repeating, “Do what you say.” 

“That wasn’t the case. Was it? It hasn’t happened. She shouted that “Doormat Dave”‘s word meant nothing.”

Pictured Monday, November 28, 2022: Independent senator David Pocock in the Senate Chamber at Parliament House Canberra

The Senate was now momentarily stunned into silence and Labor Senator Catryna bilyk objected at Ms Hanson’s name calling. 

She said, “Point of order.” “I believe senators should be called by their titles, and not the nicknames given to them by other members.

James McGrath (acting deputy president of Senate) agreed. He said: “Senator Hanson. Please refer to colleagues by correct titles. We are grateful.

Ms Hanson did not apologize for the interruption, and it did not lessen her anger. 

“My main concern is that this bill will drive up costs to small businesses, which are the least able to afford it,” she stated.

“There’s been no meaningful consulting with the small-business sector.”

Before After being cut off by the world for introducing the name ‘Doormat Dave,’ Ms Hanson outlined the reasons she came up with the nickname. 

Ms Hanson expressed hope that the’really terrible parts of the bill’, which she called employer bargaining or the poor definition small business, could be dealt with separately. 

“But, Labor must have everything passed by Christmas. I successfully gambled that I could get a rookie crossbench senator on my side to make it happen.

“Senator Pocock had only said that a few days before that it was necessary to review the Omnibus bill in detail, but he has made a few trivial and ultimately unimportant concessions.

One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson (Pictured) Let Rip On Fellow Senator David Pocock On Tuesday Night

One Nation senator Pauline Hanson (pictured), let loose on Senator David Pocock on Tuesday Night

Ms Hanson stated that Labor wanted to pass the bill quickly because of an ulterior motive. 

She said that she was convinced that this legislation was only a way to get more union members and therefore more money for the Australian Labor Party. 

Can businesses afford it? I am all for the worker, the inflation rights, and looking after the workers – a fair daily wage for fair work. 

“But you are pushing the issue from one side. This is unionization. Unionization is the key. This is about unionization.

“Because there are only 13 to 14 percent of Australians that are members of the unions.”

Senator Pocock, an independent from the ACT, spoke out against Ms Hanson when it was his turn. 

“I would like you to know that she was not present in the Senator Hanson meeting.” 

Pauline Hanson Was Furious That A Labor Ir Bill 'Is Going To Drive Up Costs For The Small Businesses'

Pauline Hanson was outraged that a Labor IR bill ‘is gonna drive up costs for small businesses’

“I have been very open with my concerns about the rushed nature of this legislation, Fair Work Legislation Amendment to Secure Jobs, Better Pay Bill 2022.

Ms Hanson was not present to vote on the bill that Mr Pocock had called. Instead, he said that she had taken an early mark to return to Queensland.  

‘This bill is a huge IR omnibus bill. He stated that standing here, he moved to delay the reporting date so the Senate could have more time to examine the bill.

“In that vote where the motion was narrowly defeat, may I mention that a credible source informed me that Senator Hanson was at the Virgin lounge on her return home.

Pauline Hanson Is Pictured Sitting Behind David Pocock During A Senate Debate On Thursday, November 24, 2022

Pauline Hanson is seen behind David Pocock, during a Senate debate Thursday, November 24, 2022

“So I take her comments into consideration, but as far as engaging in this bill, she is a lot off the mark.”

Mr. Pocock stated that he worked hard to make the issue clear after the vote he called for to delay the bill was defeated.

He He stated that he had to speak with businesses in order to vote for the people of the ACT. A town hall meeting was held with 200 people. Also, he met with representatives of workers, unions, and employers. 

He stated, “I have done my best to make the most of the time that I had and am happy with where I am at the moment.”

Daily Mail Australia has reached out to Ms Hanson as well as Mr Pocock for more information.  

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