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Parents of missing biathlon talent with a dramatic appeal


There is still no trace of Norwegian biathlon talent Eivind Sporaland, who has been missing for weeks. Now the parents of the 22-year-old are turning to the public.

Eivind Sporaland was last seen on March 19th. He was still talking to his father that morning and then left the house in Lillehammer. Since then there has been no trace.

The police, relatives and helpers searched feverishly for the missing biathlon ace. The official search operation has now been discontinued.

Officials found Sporaland’s car and extended the search to a radius around the car, but that’s all they discovered.

Even the Norwegian secret service is helping the police in their search. Investigators assume that Sporaland is still alive and does not want to be found.

That’s what the parents of biathlon talent Eivind Sporaland say

The athlete’s parents suffer from the helpless situation. “Anyone who has children can understand how brutal it is not to know anything,” Sporaland’s father told the Norwegian newspaper Gudbrandsdolen Dagningen. His wife added: “We firmly believe that he is alive.”

She appeals: “Now at Easter there are a lot of trips to the Lillehammer district and a lot of people go to their cottages. We hope that people will be a little more attentive and let them know if they see something that isn’t what it should be .”

The hope of finding Sporaland alive – it lives on.

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