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Parents cause drama after taking Wi-Fi router out to dinner after teen refused to leave home


Fed up parents take their Wi-Fi router to an event after their teen refused to leave the house: ‘That’s genius’

  • A father took his Wi-Fi router to an event after his daughter refused to go
  • Many parents applaud his innovative punishment

A father has sparked controversy after he gave his teenage daughter a funny punishment.

J Michael, from the US, unplugged the family’s Wi-Fi router and took it to the event after his daughter behaved “rude” and “refused” to go to the event with tickets.

The man revealed that he and his wife had made the decision to leave their child at home and take out the Wi-Fi router instead.

The couple even put the device on their daughter’s empty seat during the event.

While some other parents were impressed with the man’s ingenious disciplinary tactics, others feared it was too harsh for ordinary teenage tantrums.

A man unplugged the family’s Wi-Fi router and took it to an event after his daughter behaved ‘rude’ and ‘refused’ to the event with tickets

The man shared his innovative punishment on a popular family Facebook group.

He admitted that he thought Router was having a “great time” and couldn’t understand why his daughter was boycotting the show.

“Last night our oldest teen refused to go to an event we had bought tickets for and was extremely rude,” he wrote.

So we left them at home and took the router. It was a great time.’

Several parents and caregivers are turning to alternative forms of punishment as many begin to reject child spanking.

Professionals always recommend calm communication before considering any other form of discipline.

What is the Australian attitude to punishing children?

The Australian government has allowed parents to physically punish their children if it is ‘reasonable’ and ‘temporary’.

Countries such as France, Ireland and Scotland have banned corporal punishment of children.

“In some states, there is a common law defense that allows parents (and sometimes teachers) to use ‘reasonable’ corporal punishment, while in other states the defense is enshrined in legislation,” said Patrick Lenta, an associate professor in the law school of the University. of Technology told Sydney ABC news in 2019.

In New South Wales, physical punishment by a parent or caregiver is limited to areas other than the head and neck and the pain must be short-lived.

The 2019 Australia Talks Survey also found that 47 per cent of Aussies believe it is acceptable to spank children.

Source: Australian Institute of Family Studies

Many parents were amazed at the man’s creative punishment.

“That’s great — I’m definitely going to try this the next time my teen behaves.”

‘It’s simple but effective. I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before.’

‘Removing the router is a good way to make the child think about the consequences of his actions. She probably cost you hundreds by refusing to go to the event.’

“Very smart – teens should get off their phones and TikTok and actually talk to people.”

But others were not so impressed.

“That’s extremely inappropriate and cruel — what if the daughter needed Wi-Fi for her homework?” Or if there was an emergency and someone needed to get in touch? Houses no longer have a fixed line.’

Easy way to make your kid hate you even more. She’s never going out with you again.’

“So irresponsible of an adult. Very childish punishment – I’m sure there was a reason and this isn’t the whole story.’

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