Online Casinos Addressing Lockdowns and Problem Gambling

The negative effect of the current set of lockdowns that are in place or have been in the UK is that many people who have a problem gambling have found that those problems are being increased somewhat due to them being stuck at home, often for lock periods of time with nothing to do.

With land based gambling venues such as casinos and betting shops being closed, many people have been turning to the internet to get their gambling fix, and I think it is fair and true to say that everybody knows just how easy it is to get a little carried away when gambling online.

Much more so when you have your debit card at hand and often can deposit as much as you like into a casino site for example. That is something that has not escaped the attention of the UK Gambling Commission who have been highly active recently in ensuring every single casino site licensed by them does everything that they can possibly do to ensure their customers are gambling responsibly.

Online casino operators have been recently advertising in the media their set of responsible gambling tools like the GamStop scheme, rather than for example the games and bonuses they offer their customers, which to be fair to them is a good thing.

You will find there are also lots of casinos that are not on GamStop available online, and although you may feel it is going to be way too time consuming, I would urge you to check out which casinos are not part of the GamStop scheme and request to be self-excluded from each of them too.

Just be aware of the fact that if you do enjoy playing casino games online for real money you are always going to be at risk of getting carried away and therefore should make a point of ensuring you set yourself some limits before you start to gamble and stick to those limits rigidly as well. 

GamStop Offers an Effective Way to Self-Exclude from UK Casino Sites

If you have ever tried to self-exclude yourself from an online casino site, you will know that can often turn out to be a long drawn out process, and many people tend to shy away from doing so as they feel they are going to have a stressful time doing that.

However, thanks to the services offered by GamStop you are going to be able to self-exclude yourself instantly or as good as instantly from all UK licensed and regulated gambling sites, and as such that is a service that you should be thinking of making full use of if you do want to give up gambling online.

That service by the way, is completely free of charge and you only have to fill in a simple form to join it, and by doing so your details then get past to all licensed gambling sites located and based in the United Kingdom who in turn close your accounts down and block you from ever being in a position to open a new account with them.

You real do owe it to yourself to join GamStop and quickly too if you want to take a step back and give up gambling online in a fairly hassle free type of way. 

GamStop Not a Failsafe Way to Stop Gambling Online 

There are however a few problems that have been exposed with the GamStop service, the main one being due to the fact that it is only UK licensed casino sites that can sign up to the scheme currently, in fact they are now legally obliged to sign up to that scheme.

As such, casino and all other gambling sites and gambling related apps too that are located and licensed anywhere else in the world can allow any customers they want to register and gamble with them, therefore leaving the door wide open for anyone signed up to GamStop to do just that.

That sadly does mean that once that fact becomes known to anybody that is trying to give up gambling and has put their name and details down onto that self-exclusion register, there will always be the very real temptation for them to sign up to such a site if they experience any lapses when giving up gambling.

You will be grateful you did just that if at some point in the future you are ever tempted to sign up and gamble at any of those sites when you are part way through your journey to recovery from any type of gambling related problem.

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