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Once again, the GTA 6 community is circulating a map designed from leaks for the game world | -WhatsNew2Day


It seems that the community of players has been able to reach the general shape of the GTA 6 world map, which we believe will take us this time to Vice City.

The map witnessed great circulation and spread on social media platforms, video game forums, and some even compared it with the map of the fifth part of the series.

The map, according to the information we obtained through investigations and tracking of sources, was created and designed through the information and data that were recently leaked, whereby sections and regions were established through data obtained from the aforementioned leaks. And if this design of the Vice City map is accurate, then we expect that the world of Grand Theft Auto 6 will be large and wide and surpass the city of Los Santos, in which the events of GTA 5 take place.

Although this conceptual map seems large now, it is believed that it does not reflect the full size of the actual map of the game, due to the presence of some data that existed in these leaks indicating that the map may extend northward more broadly to include large areas such as Liberty City, which represents the state of New York, and also the Caribbean and others.

Here below, you can see a more accurate design than the previous design that lies below, where some areas have been identified and some of them have been named, giving them some details.

Once again the GTA 6 community is circulating a map

In any case, this map and the information related to it remain just speculation, even if it is based on information collected through the large leaks that occurred recently.

Despite Rockstar’s fight against these leaks, the GTA 6 community still gets more information and details that appear from time to time, based on these leaks. The last of which was shared by the famous and reliable leaker Tez2, who indicated through inferred information that the game may be almost ready while Rockstar is putting the final touches on it in order to address some scattered technical problems.

Also, all the leakers and some prominent media spoke permanently and in agreement that Rockstar may first reveal the game GTA 6 before the end of this year. While targeting the end of 2024 or perhaps the beginning of 2025 as a launch date.

With regard to the game map, there are several sources and media as well. They also stated that Rockstar follows the method of the Fortnite game in gradually expanding the game world. In other words, the size of the Grand Theft Auto 6 game world may not be large or complete in the launch version, but it will be expanded by adding more new areas and missions during separate periods after the initial launch in the form of additional DLC content.

Until we get more information about the next part of the series, what do you think of this map and do you think it is accurate enough to give us an initial look at the size of the highly anticipated game world?

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