Oklahoma mother stabs neighbor to death after victims daughter started a fight with killers daughter

Oklahoma mother, 31, stabs neighbor, 29, to death ‘after their daughters, aged 17 and 10, got into an argument’: Son, 12, watched his mother bleed to death in the driveway

  • Vaneesa Wade, 29, was found in critical condition by police
  • She was reportedly stabbed to neighbor across the street, Kayla Shanee McNeal, 31″
  • The women’s daughters, cousins ​​aged 10 and 17, had gotten into a fight
  • When Wade went to check her email, she was allegedly stabbed by McNeal
  • McNeal was immediately arrested and charged with first-degree murder while more charges were pending, authorities said.



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Kayla Shanee McNeal, 31, was arrested and charged with first degree murder of Vaneesa Wade

Oklahoma authorities have charged a mother with her neighbor’s fatal stabbing after their daughters were involved in a fight.

Vaneesa Wade, 29, was found in critical condition by police, allegedly holding a knife by Kayla Shanee McNeal, 31.

Wade was taken to hospital but died a short time later.

Deputies from the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office responded Thursday to Wade’s home in Spencer, northeast of Oklahoma City, after reports of a stabbing.

Investigators believe McNeal’s 10-year-old daughter had been involved in a fight with Wade’s 17-year-old daughter, who is actually her niece.

McNeal allegedly intervened and got both girls back to their homes, but Wade’s daughter then called for help and got her mother back home.

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Wade was crossing the street to check her mail when a fight broke out between the two mothers, after which she was stabbed. Fox 6 reports.

Wade tried to reenter her house, but collapsed in the driveway.

McNeal was immediately arrested and charged with first degree murder with more charges pending, authorities said.

Vaneesa Wade, 29, was found in critical condition by police and later died of stab wounds

Wade was called home by her 17-year-old daughter. She was stabbed by a neighbor when she went to check her mailbox

McNeal now refuses to cooperate with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office.

Wade’s mother, Delores Wade still shocks us at the death of her daughter.

“She should one day bury me, not me my baby. It shouldn’t be like that,” she said News9.

“I got a call that my 12-year-old grandson called him and said my mom is dead,” Wade said. “It will be a constant reminder every time he goes in and out of the house. He goes to see where his mother has fallen.

“She was so outgoing, outspoken,” Wade said. “She was just a beautiful person, inside and out, and I’m really going to miss my baby.”

Vaneesa Wade collapsed in her home’s driveway after being stabbed by a neighbor

An eyewitness who also lives on the street says he saw the fight unfold.

‘She [Vaneesa] didn’t look like she wanted to fight. She just wanted to go in, came out of the house to check her mailbox,’ said Dejeanna Smiley. ‘The woman [McNeal] had come out and just hit her.’

Vaneesa Wade tried to cross the street but collapsed in her driveway.

“We walked over there and the little boy yelled, ‘They killed my mother. She killed my mother,” Smiley said.


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