Of the eight things you didn’t know, you could be DECIDED in 2021, including the way you dress


REVEALED: The eight things you didn’t know could fire you in 2021, including the way you choose to dress

  • An employment law expert has revealed the actions that could get you fired
  • From refusing to wear the uniform or comply with the company’s dress code
  • To talk about the inner workings of your business – even if it’s harmless

Wearing the wrong clothes, telling people too much about where you work and using colorful language could get you fired in 2021.

Employment law expert, Alan McDonald, revealed eight little-known reasons why you might rightfully be fired.

McDonald is an Employment Lawyer Practitioner McDonald Murholme who has devoted his career to the subject.

If you wear the wrong clothes, tell people too much about where you work and accept gifts, you could be fired in 2021

He told Search Causing risks to the company, not following your organization’s policies, disclosing information about your company, dishonesty, receiving gifts, lying on your cover letter, and violating dress codes are all valid grounds for dismissal.

Risk to the company is considered serious misconduct by Fair Work, but is not a known reason for dismissal.

McDonald explained that most people know that causing actual harm to the company they work for will get you fired, but they’re not aware that the risk of harm could also cause you to lose your job.

And the risk doesn’t have to be related to the company’s real estate.

“Creating a risk to an employer’s viability can result from damage to the reputation, profitability and even health of the business owner – and that’s especially relevant now with COVID-19,” he explained.

Failure to comply with your organization’s policies in another major issue that could cause you to be fired.

Dishonesty, such as using the business credit card or car for personal use, can also lead to you being fired

Dishonesty, such as using the business credit card or car for personal use, can also lead to you being fired

McDonald explained that these were also things posted on social media that could go against your company’s guidelines.

It is recommended to avoid messages about your boss or colleagues.

If you reveal too much information about the company, you could also lose your job, regardless of whether your actions were malicious.

“If an employee reveals even small parts of that information, it could lead to termination because of the potential harm to the company,” McDonald said.

Dishonesty was the next topic on the legal experts’ list and included misuse of work vehicles and company credit cards.

He recommends that if a mistake is made, such as a purchase made by mistake on the company card, you should explain it.

The ‘cover-up’ can lead to more serious consequences.


1- Dress Code Violations

2- Lying on your job application

3- Receive gifts

4- Dishonesty

5- Disclosure of Company Information

6- Using abusive language

7- Not complying with your organization’s policies

8- Risk to the company

The next topic raised by McDonald’s is receiving gifts that may or may not endanger you.

If you are employed by a government agency, it is likely against policy to accept gifts of any kind.

People should contact their HR department if they are unsure whether they can accept gifts, McDonald said.

Lying on job applications can also lead to dismissal, he explained, noting that many people exaggerate their skills and experience to date.

He said tribunals will often support employers on such issues.

The last topic McDonald’s covers is dress code violations.

He explained that a violation of the company’s rules cannot lead to dismissal, but if you have received warnings about the matter, you can.

This refers to an employer’s lawful and reasonable policy about wearing a uniform or adhering to certain dress standards, he explained.

McDonald encourages people to seek legal advice or contact Fair Work if they believe they have been unfairly fired.