Nintendo gives hints about SNES games on Switch with FCC archiving

Nintendo seems to be preparing to launch SNES wireless controllers for the Switch. In a FCC submission spotted by forum posters on Resetera, photos & photos of the new SNES controller have been marked as confidential until next year. However, a label location reveals that there may be ZL and ZR buttons on the top or this part may be part of the Joy-Con docking rail to attach to a switch.


Nintendo launched NES wireless controllers for the Switch last year, as well as access to classic NES titles through its online subscription service. The FCC declaration feeds speculation that Nintendo is likely to launch a similar bundle for SNES classic games, with the controllers sliding in the Joy-Con rails just like the NES versions.

The FCC archiving reveals very little other information, apart from the fact that this SNES controller will of course contain Bluetooth support for the wireless connection to the switch.

We have approached Nintendo for comment on this mysterious SNES controller and we will update you accordingly.

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