NFL Week 13 picks: Dolphins shock 49ers, Bengals upset Chiefs, Titans stun 10-1 Eagles

If you traveled over Thanksgiving, I wish you a safe return. 

After Odell was kicked off his flight and had to walk in shame through the airport. I won’t judge him because who hasn’t? 

Beckham was trying fly from Florida to California. That is the exact flight that the Miami Dolphins will be taking this week. Perhaps he should fly along with them. I’m not sure why Odell is being mentioned right now. I should be making picks. Let’s get to them before I get sidetracked. 

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Okay, let’s get on with the pickings. 

NFL Week 13 Picks

N.Y. N.Y.

1 p.m. ET (CBS)

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Minnesota Vikings

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While I am not certain what the plot of Star Wars’ next movie will be, I don’t think it is unreasonable to assume that Zach Wilson might be involved. His body language on Sunday suggests that he’s just a matter of time before turning to the dark side. 

That’s because I’d probably make the same face if my benching was for Mike White. Then, I’d have to sit in rain for three straight hour while watching Mike White play so well that it’s stealing my job.  

White has made the Jets seem like a completely new team. Although he was playing Bears, I should not be too excited. However, this isn’t his first big game.He He threw for 315 yards against Chicago and three touchdowns. 

Wilson running the show made the Jets offense feel like a turtle with its back to the ground. However, White is in the middle and makes it seem like someone has flipped the turtle, attached rockets, and put it on a board. 

The Jets have a chance to beat Minnesota if White plays well. But even if White goes off, the Jets defense will have to figure how to stop Justin Jefferson. If New York is to win, that is good news. Sauce Gardner is the perfect man to stop Justin Jefferson, which is the good news for Jets. 

The rookie cornerback has been one of the most impressive in the NFL this season. He’s also been tested by some top receivers. Gardner has seen Tyreek Hill, Stefon Diggs and Ja’Marr Chas in 2022. Those three men averaged just 56.3 receiving yards against him. The Jets will be delighted if Gardner holds Jefferson at or near this number. 

Who am I choosing here? 

Normally, I choose Jets games based on the all-knowing coin. However, the coin missed a pick this week so it’s not something I can trust. 

It’s the fault of the coin that it missed the game. The coin didn’t know that the Jets would bench their starting quarterback going into Week 12. I’m letting the coin have some fun and taking the Jets to the upset this week. 

The choice: Jets beat Vikings 26-23

Tennessee (7-4) at Philadelphia (-10-1)

1 p.m. ET (Fox)

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Philadelphia Eagles

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We are now 12 weeks into the season. I must confess, I don’t know what to make of these Titans. They are a great team but they lose to every good team they play. The Titans have lost to five other teams this season with a winning record. They are currently 1-4. However, they could easily have gone 4-1. 

  • They were defeated by the Giants in Week 1, because their kicker failed to make a field goal of 47 yards on the final play. 
  • In Week 9, they went to overtime against the Chiefs, despite having to play a rookie quarterback who was making his second career start. 
  • They were defeated by the Bengals in Sunday’s game. The game was tied in fourth quarter. 

If the Titans want to prove they’re worthy Super Bowl contenders, they must defeat a team that is actually good. This week is the week. 

The biggest advantage Tennessee has in this game? It’s the fact that Tennessee can design a team that could beat the Eagles. The Eagles are capable of running at will, but the Titans won’t be bothered by this because their greatest strength is stopping the run. The Eagles average 162.5 yards per match on the ground. This is the third-best in the NFL. But it will be hard to beat a Titans team that only gives up 84.5 yards per game. The Titans have been the NFL’s best team against the run since Week 2. They allow only 69.2 yards per match. 

Week 12 saw the Eagles rush for more yards (363) than any of their five previous games (349) combined. While I don’t really know why I’m telling this, if you have close friends, you might want them to say goodbye before this game kicks off. It is possible that the universe will explode when these two get at each other. 

This is also a favorable matchup for Titans because the Eagles’ only defensive weakness is stopping run, which is not something you want when you face Derrick Henry. 

The Titans are the clear underdog in this game. Mike Vrabel, who is the greatest NFL coach at winning underdogs, is undoubtedly the best. Vrabel has gone 19-9 since Vrabel took over the Titans coaching position in 2018. Tennessee has been an underdog by three points or more 28 times since Vrabel became their coach. The Titans have won games they weren’t supposed to win under Vrabel and I believe they will do it again Sunday. 

The choice: Titans beat Eagles 23-20

Houston (1-9-1), Cleveland (4-7)

1 p.m. ET (CBS)

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Cleveland Browns

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It’s common for a 4-7 team to play a one-win team early December. However, Browns-Texans will not be that game. This is because Deshaun Watson will return to the field. 

After Watson will make his 2022 debut against his former team after being suspended for the 11 first games of the season. It’s hard to imagine Watson being welcomed with open arms in a place where so many women have accused him for sexual misconduct. 

Watson’s relationship was a sham with the Texans before the sexual misconduct lawsuits. Watson died in January 2021. To be traded He moved to Houston because he did not like the direction of the organization. A trade did not happen because six weeks after making that demand, the first lawsuit was filed, effectively rendering him non-tradeable. 

Watson continued to play for a team he did not want to be a part of, despite the threat of lawsuits. Both sides decided that it would be better for Watson just to miss the entire 2021 season. It means that Watson will be playing in the 2021 regular season for the 700th time. Although I don’t know how difficult it is to shake off 700+ days of rust, it’s not an easy task.

Watson’s last start was on January 3, 2021. His last win came over two years ago (Nov 26, 2020). Although I don’t know what Watson will look like, I am pretty certain that if I took 700 day off from something, it would be a disaster. Although I don’t think Watson will do it, I expect him to struggle and the Texans to win. Although I believe this game will be closer than most people think, the Texans are so terrible that I cannot pick them to win. 

The choice: Browns beat Texans 21-17

Miami (8-3) at San Francisco 7-4)

4:05 p.m ET (Fox)

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San Francisco 49ers

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I must say that the person responsible for Sunday night games this season fell asleep at the wheel because there are about eight more exciting games than the one we have, Colts at Cowboys. If I could choose, this would be my first choice. But, I would also have preferred Titans Eagles or Jets-Vikings. They could have moved the Panthers on Sunday night, and I would be happy. The Panthers are now on a bye. I would also be okay with a Hallmark Christmas movie being flexed over Colts–Cowboys. But that didn’t happen so I guess “Three Wise Men and a Baby” will continue at its regular time this weekend. (By and by, I did not list Chiefs-Bengals for a possible Flex game because it’s impossible to believe that CBS would give that up. 

This game is fascinating from multiple angles. Mike McDaniel, who was a 49ers coach for five seasons (2017-21), before he was hired by Miami. McDaniel, since his hiring, has done almost everything possible to make the Dolphins the AFC version the 49ers. 

  • A QB who doesn’t get any respect, even though they are winning? Check. 
  • You need a versatile receiver who can also play the game. Check. 
  • Find a running back who can line up anywhere. Check. 

That McDaniel actually stole the running backs of the 49ers is what’s best about that last part. Raheem Moret spent five seasons living in San Francisco and signed with the Dolphins before the 2022 season. Miami also acquired Jeff Wilson (49ers) just This year’s trade deadline was before this year.  

The two teams are so similar that it is best to just stop using the Spiderman meme. It will only apply to this game and nothing else. 


The 49ers and Dolphins look at each other. 

I think Kyle Shanahan or Mike McDaniel would be wearing these masks. 

The 49ers have the NFL’s best defense, which is a huge advantage in this game. But, I don’t know what to make of this because their defense has played some of the most dangerous teams in the NFL. You have to play the best teams on your schedule. But beating bad teams doesn’t tell me anything. 

Through 12 weeks, the 49ers had the strongest schedule in the NFL. Their opponents have a combined winning percentage just.397. This is insane when you consider that no other NFL teams are even at.420. (The Dolphins’ strength in schedule through 12 weeks was.496)

The 49ers have faced four teams with five wins or more this year and are currently 2-2. My point is that I will need evidence that the 49ers can defeat strong teams before I pick them to beat other good teams. 

The choice: Dolphins win 27-24 over 49ers 

Kansas City (9-2), Cincinnati (7-4).

4:25 p.m. ET (CBS)

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Kansas City Chiefs

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The Bengals face the Chiefs for the 3rd time in 11 Months. And the Chiefs are currently favored to win. If this game is anything like the last two, then we know how it will play out. First, the Chiefs will lead by a lot and then the Bengals can come back in the second period to win the game in the most dramatic manner possible. 

The Bengals achieved this feat in the AFC Championship. They trailed 18 points at the time. It was also done in Week 17 against the Chiefs. 

The reason the Bengals have performed so well against the Chiefs is that playing against Patrick Mahomes seems like it brings out the best of Joe Burrow. In their two games against each other, Burrow has averaged 348 passing yards per game with a 6-to-1 touchdown-to-interception ratio. Mahomes has a much lower average of 267 yards per contest with a 5-to-2 TD/INT. 

Burrow could be in for an exciting day as the Chiefs have struggled with stopping the pass this year. Burrow has faced five teams this year that have allowed more than 230 yards through the air. This is one of 12 teams that have given up more than 230 yards through the air. Burrow averaged 324.7 yards per game and 2.2 touchdown passes. Burrow will always find a way around your defense if they are unable to stop him passing. 

Mahomes has always considered the Bengals to be their Kryptonite. Mahomes’ record for November, December, and January has been 33-3 since the beginning of the 2019 season. HeIt’s 0-2 for the Bengals, and 33-1 for all other teams. 

Mahomes also has a 44-4 record in games where the Chiefs lead by 14 points. HeIt’s 0-2 against Bengals and 44-2 against all other teams. There are some things in life that just don’t work: Derek Zoolander can’t turn his left, Patrick Mahomes cannot beat the Bengals, and I can’t eat Pizza with my right hand. 

If the Chiefs win I will give all credit to Mahomes’ baby. 

The Chiefs won’t lose, but they know they are now in the position of quarterback for the next forty years. 

The choice: Bengals 30-27 over Chiefs

NFL Week 12 Picks: All the rest

Bills 24-17 over Patriots
Steelers beat Falcons 20-17
Packers win 19-16 against Bears
Jaguars defeated by Lions 27-24
Commanders 22-19 win over Giants
Ravens 20-13 over Broncos
Rams win 23-16 at Seahawks
Raiders beat Chargers by 34 to 31
Cowboys 27-20 over Colts
Buccaneers 20-16 over Saints

Last Week

Pick of the day: Last week, I The Bengals were predicted to win. You would think that the Bengals would beat the Titans in Nashville. And guess what? The Bengals defeated the Titans by going into Nashville. Did I know that Derrick Henry would be completely shut down by the Bengals? Yes, I knew. I did. 

Worst choice: The Las Vegas Raiders are the team I have been the worst at picking this season. This means that my gut said I needed to pick the Seahawks instead. I have had the Raiders in my head this season: They zig when I zag. They eat nachos when I zig. They refuse to eat nachos when I invite them over. Instead, they go to Applebee’s where they eat nachos. Then, they share photos on Instagram with their server who is also eating nachos. It’s ridiculous. I’m so fed up with Raiders. Applebees are my favourite restaurant. I’m so over nachos. I am so over everything.

Finally, in case you were wondering which teams I’m really good at picking, here are my picks this year. 

Teams I’m 10-1 to pick this year (Straight Up) Chiefs.
Record-breaking winning streak Chiefs (8 straight correct games)

Team I was the worst at picking this Year (Straight Up) Raiders (3-8).
Longest losing streak: Raiders (5 straight games incorrectly picked) 

All other teams are somewhere in the middle. 

Picks Record

Straight up Week 12 9-7
SU total: 106-73-1

For the spread in Week 12 7-9
Overall ATS: 83-89-8

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