Newly Married Couple Launches $100M Affordable Housing Initiative

Atlanta, GA—Majesty Gayle (33) and Elize Gayle (29), eminently known as Majesty and Elize, are two career-driven African Americans who have utilized their proficiency in different business fields to establish a successful real estate company with a unique sense of philanthropy. This millennial couple continues to gain media attention for bringing about positive change in society by providing shelter, jobs, and inspiration in the black community. 

For many young couples, working together brings together many aspects of their lives into the business, which can create confusion affecting the company’s bottom line. But, this power couple has allowed their differences to serve as the basis for their success. Elize developed her marketing and creativity aptitudes through traditional education and corporate experience, while Majesty displayed entrepreneurial drive early in life, excelling in economics and business operations. The two have combined superbly to run a successful reals estate business, IRP Builders, that has cleared over $2 million in revenue within its first year of operation. 

Amidst the chronic affordable housing problems is Atlanta, Majesty, and Elize have redirected their focus for the habitual for-profit business towards a remarkable, value-creating proposition that will elevate and give hope the less-privileged people in the region, and beyond. They identify vacant and ruined properties then acquire the property, oversee the repairs as well as renovations so that less-fortunate people can reside affordably.

“I want to go to areas that are worst within the metropolis and improve their conditions because such areas have a massive impact on the people who reside there. If we enhance the living conditions of those areas, people will elevate their mindsets and make better decisions that can serve their best interests,” Majesty remarked.

Majesty has used his own checkered past and business experiences to fuel his drive towards founding a successful real estate business that can bring change to society. He had initially ventured in investor the highly volatile world of cryptocurrencies. He created a prosperous exchange with international business, looked up to other business moguls, and even wrote a book. But due to industry regulations that no longer served his interest, Majesty exited the market and ventured into real estate after he was introduced to the industry by his mentor. 

Likewise, Elize started out in a different career-business path before eventually combining efforts with Majesty to run their real estate firm. As early as high school, Elize developed a strong interest in psychology and studied it on a collegiate level, thinking that she would major in the subject at the college level. 

After realizing that she wouldn’t do well with working together with people interpersonally, she considered pursuing journalism but again realized that that wouldn’t work with her long term objectives. After consultation and further consideration, she realized that an amalgam of psychology and journalism would make marketing, and she changed her major. 

After meeting on a popular dating app, Majesty and Elize have combined their competencies derived from their careers, years of experience, and models of flourishing people to inaugurate a business that’s having an excellent influence on the masses. 

Recently, the couple launched a multimillion-dollar hedge fund that will be directed towards refining distressed areas by acquiring, renovating, and building over 1000 houses throughout the country. The couple is looking forward to purchasing homes in large urban areas such as Baltimore, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, and Atlanta, where black populations are predominant, and resources are insufficient. 

After the renovation process, Majesty and Elize plan to rent the establishments at affordable rates to the disadvantaged, including the homeless and battered women. The couple also plan to inspire others not only by launching affordable housing, but also creating employment opportunities and fair wages for people in the neighborhood

“It’s not just about being profitable, but giving back and creating more families like yourself,” reasoned Elize. 

Majesty and Elize have also founded EVOPIA, a non-profit organization that operates a variety of services in physical and mental health, finance, investment, education, and property ownership. 

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