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New details about Spider-Man 2, the size of the map, the dark side of the characters and more.. | -WhatsNew2Day


After reviewing the recent Spider-Man 2 game, many important and new information began to appear, including talking about the size of its map, the nature of its story, and more, which we will share with you below.

Spider-Man 2 director Bryan Intihar has done a lot interviews With some well-known media sites, he revealed some exciting details about the upcoming game. We recently learned about the mechanism of switching between Spider-Man characters, and you can follow all the details here.

The director also revealed many important details such as the size of the map and the nature of the story, especially after we saw during the last game review the difference between Peter Parker’s character and his transformation into a dark character because of the symbiote. Here are the details revealed by the director:

  • The size of the game’s map will be twice the size of the previous two parts, which is really exciting.
  • The nature of the story will vary between dark and humanity.
  • The game will see three parts of the skill tree, one for Peter, one for Miles, and one for both characters when they switch between them.
  • In the game, there will be missions dedicated to the character of Miles, missions dedicated to Peter Parker, and missions for both characters together.
  • Switching between Peter and Miles will be done freely in the open world with just one button.
  • The game will take full advantage of the capabilities of the PlayStation 5 in terms of speed as well as Dualsense features.
  • The symbiote will greatly affect Peter’s personality and change his behavior, as we noticed in the last game presentation, where we saw him aggressively.

Earlier today, the character representative of Peter Parker revealed that we have seen only a little of the game and that there are more and more that await us in the game, such as scenes, events, and others.

We recall that the game will be released this fall exclusively for the PlayStation 5. What do you think of these details?

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