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Netanyahu: I decided to postpone the judicial amendments to the next session of the Knesset


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed that he had obtained the approval of the majority of his colleagues in the government to prevent civil war through dialogue.

He added in a speech today, Monday, that the government will give an opportunity to pass the judicial amendments through a broad consensus.

He explained that he had decided to postpone the judicial amendments for this session of the Knesset until reaching a consensus.

He also indicated that the judicial amendments will be discussed in the next session of the Knesset.

And he indicated that he has a majority in the Knesset that makes him discuss the judicial amendments, noting that his supporters took to the streets spontaneously without the support of politicians or the media.

In addition, the Israeli Prime Minister confirmed the existence of a deep rift between the Israelis, pointing out that an extremist minority wants to tear Israel apart and drag it into a civil war.

He said that the Israeli army cannot remain by refusing military service, calling on army leaders to confront the phenomenon of refusing military service.

He added that he was not ready to tear the Israelis apart, as he described it, pointing out that Israel could not remain with the continued refusal of military service.

He stressed that the current crisis “forces us to act responsibly.”

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