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Losing data on a computer can be frustrating, however, software for file recovery makes it easier to recover deleted files even if you don’t have a backup. File recovery software can still restore them. If you have your data, data recovery software can help you.

Selecting a professional Windows file recovery software from the many options in the market can be time-consuming and difficult here. MyRecover is a popular tool to recover deleted or lost data from various data losses, including human errors, system failures, virus attacks, and so on.

Is it a reliable file recovery software? This article is deeply researched and tested on how to recover data from data loss situations.

MyRecover Overview

MyRecover is a user-friendly file recovery software that can recover files resulting from various data losses from different storage devices. The software’s advanced scanning, recovery speed, and rate. High recovery is popular with many users, making MyRecover a reliable choice for data recovery.


Learn more about MyRecover:

1. The simple interface makes it easy for all users to recover data, regardless of technical knowledge.

2. MyRecover can recover more than 200 file types from internal/external hard drives, USB flash drives, SD cards, and other storage media, including documents, photos, videos, and emails.

3. Data recovery from various data loss situations, including accidental deletion, drive formatting, system failure, and virus attacks.

4. The software uses an advanced fast and deep scanning method that promises to explore and search the storage media to recover data that other tools may have lost.

5. Users can review files before restoring to verify that they are correct and complete.

6. It can create a bootable USB/CD/DVD drive and you can know how to recover data from hard disk without OS easily.

7. Suitable for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and servers and supports NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, and ReFS file systems.

8. The MyRecover recovery process is safe and will not erase existing data.

Recover Deleted Files Using MyRecover

We have conducted numerous tests to evaluate the performance and overall value of MyRecover. To determine whether it really stands out in the serious data rescue industry or not, our tests cover common data loss situations.

Situation testing

  • Deleted file recovery: Files such as Microsoft documents, images (JPG, PNG), and videos (MP4, MOV) are automatically deleted from the drive and then the library is empty.
  • Disk Formatting: We have formatted all the partitions on the external hard drive.
  • Lost partition: The partition was deleted on an internal hard drive.

User experience

We download and install MyRecover from the official website, to start the recovery we just need to hang the mouse on the desired drive or partition to restore data and click on Scan.


It scans the selected area using quick scanning or deep scanning methods. After scanning, we use filter tools to quickly find and view recoverable files and then decide to recover files.

C:\Users\ashe\Pictures\图片\New folder\企业微信截图_17125594363251.png

The amazing thing is that MyRecover can find data lost for a long time, we choose to save data to recover MP4 video files by clicking on Recover x File.


Once the recovery process is complete, we check the backup location to ensure that the recovered files are intact. The MP4 video and other files are fully recovered and in good condition, as shown in the image below.

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Recovery results:

Recovering deleted files: MyRecover has restored about 98% of deleted files and all file types still work well.

Formatting a drive: The recovery rate of a formatted disk is approx. 92%. It can recover most documents and images. However, some video files were only partially restored. It can recover data from 95% of deleted/lost/damaged/formatted partitions.


Because of the excellent software for file recovery, losing important files is not a routine anymore. MyRecover is good at file recovery and stands out in the file repair software market as a powerful and used option. The job is simple, by understanding the functions and guidelines for file recovery, you can easily restore all your lost data in every disaster.

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