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How to Backup iPhone Without iTunes

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How to Backup iPhone Without iTunes?
iTunes is one of the most popular tools that allows iPhone users to back up and restore data, but iTunes is not allowed to bag certain files on iPhone.And some people complain that they are always warned that “iTune doesn’t know the iPhone” iTunes does not work smoothly during the back-out process of your computer, which is very disappointing.Therefore, this article aims to show you how to back up your iPhone without using iTunes.

Powerful Third-Party Tool to Backup iPhone with iTunes

FoneTool, free iPhone backup software, is the best iTunes backup option, so you can pack up your iPhone without iTunes in one click. Better iOS data backup and restart for iTunes allows users to see details after using the program. Also, you can encrypt your iPhone banking and protect your vital privacy. More importantly, it’s a new backup. It will never be written again. Therefore, it is better to switch to iPhone without iTunes or iCloud than iTunes or other iOS versions.

Compared to the official backup tool – iCloud and iTunes, FoneTool has the following features and advantages:
✔ Internet is not required: FoneTool does not require an Internet connection for data backup or restoration.It’s different than iCloud.

✔ Backup by Select & Full: FoneTool enables all exchange and recovery of files and settings, unlike iCloud and iTunes, which only allows selected types of information.

✔ Quick backup and restoration: FaneTool has faster data backups and recoveries than iCloud or iTunes because it doesn’t have a cloud.

FoneTool can be more customizable than iCloud and iTunes because it supports iOS, Android and Windows PC

✔ Compatible with different iOS: FaneTool supports such iOS devices as iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as well as Windows 11/10/8/7/X

✔ Unlimited storage: There are no storage limits or charges other than iCloud, which offers free storage and limited surcharges.

How to Backup iPhone to PC with FoneTool

Whether you are looking to back up a particular file or save all the data on your iPhone to your PC. FoneTool as a best iPhone backup software has a comprehensive features to meet all your needs. You can download this free software for iPhone backup from that oficail website and follow the guidelines below for selectively or completely backup your iPhone to your PC.

Option 1. Selective Backup iPhone to your PC.
Regardless of photos, videos, contacts, messages, or data, the FoneTool application enables backup of specific items by making sure you only script what is important to you. This will not only save your computer’s storage space, but also shorten back-out times.
Step 1 Please select the backup option.

Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer. Launch FoneTool. Click the phone backup from the toolbar, move the mouse to the backup option, and click the Start button.


Step 2. Select files to backup

You can check each file type and see all the files on your iPhone. Click OK to check which files you want to backup to your PC.


Step 3. Start Backup process

By clicking Storage Backup, you can choose the purpose of storing your backup files, folders, external hard drives, USBs, etc. Finally, click Start Backup and start working.


Option 2. Fully Backup iPhone to PC

FoneTool also has the option to back up all your iPhone data to your PC.This secures all information including contacts, messages, images, videos, and application data. Your data is safely backed up and available at any time. After resetting, you just want to know whether to upgrade to a new iPhone, or whether your information is safe and secure. The full backup feature of FoneTool will cover you.

Step 1. Choose Full Backup

Connect your iPhone to PC with USB. Choose Full Backup instead from FoneTool’s Phone Backup section.


Step 2. Start Full Backup

You can choose whether to encrypt your backup by opening the appropriate encryption button. Finally, click Start Bag to save everything from your iPhone to PC.


How to check & restore backup files

To restore backups: Connect your iPhone to PC > Go toMy Backupsin FoneTool > Locate the backup file you’re going to restore, and tap theRestoreicon to restore the backup files.



FoneTool backup works better than iCloud or iTunes, and it is the most time and safe way to save your iPhone bag without iTunes or iCloud and cause data loss. In addition, this program provides an easy-to-use interface without requiring technical knowledge.

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