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Meta is facing a lawsuit for condoning human trafficking activities via Facebook and Instagram


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Pension and investment funds filed a complaint against Mita, accusing it of “turning a blind eye” to activities on its Facebook and Instagram platforms related to human trafficking and child sexual exploitation.

According to the lawsuit, “Over the past decade, Meta Apps have assisted, supported, and facilitated the work of criminals responsible for pimping, human trafficking, and child sexual abuse crimes that took place on a large scale on the platforms” of the California group.

The lawsuit was filed on Monday, March 20, 2023, before a court in Delaware that specializes in business law.

The lawsuit adds, “Substantial evidence indicates that the board of directors turned a blind eye despite its knowledge, just as the company’s management did, of this strongly growing phenomenon.”

The lawsuit was filed by funds that own shares in the Meta Group.

According to the plaintiffs, perpetrators of human trafficking and child sexual exploitation crimes use Facebook and Instagram to prey on, recruit and exploit their victims who are both minors and adult users of the two platforms, “their lives are forever destroyed”.

But Meta spokesman Andy Stone said on Tuesday, when asked by AFP, that the company “clearly prohibits human exploitation and child sexual exploitation.”

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