MEGHAN MCCAIN: My Top 10 Reasons to Be Thankful for This Amazing and Glorious Land on Thanksgiving

No one who has read my column here at for the past few months will be shocked at how divided Americans are as a nation and culture.

A recent survey by the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia found that about 50% of Donald Trump voters and 40% of Joe Biden voters agree to some degree that the country should be split up. , with the red or blue states separating. .

It’s both shocking and shocking that so many citizens have so little in common or what connects us that half the country thinks we’d better scrap our 250-year experiment with freedom and democracy.

I get it, there is a lot to be pessimistic about after five particularly horrific years that started with the chaos of the Trump administration and continue with the incompetence and extremism of the Biden administration.

Inflation, Afghanistan, insane school boards and waking culture are running rampant, a media saying it’s okay to loot companies as long as it’s in the name of racial justice, the never-ending Covid malaise, etc…

I could go on and I’m sure I will continue to do so in the future…

But for today, as we enter this most prized American tradition, which is Thanksgiving weekend, as well as my personal favorite holiday, I thought it would be better to focus on the things I still love about America.

The things that give me a deep sense of patriotism and infinite hope as we enter the official start of the holiday season.

Here it is, my 10 reasons to be thankful and optimistic about the future of the country Ronald Reagan once described as “The Shining City on a Hill.”

1. There is no global music and entertainment culture without American culture

I know this will anger our foreign readers, so be patient. We are the birthplace of rock and roll, rap music, outlaw country, southern truck country and beyond.

I won’t even get into our movies. I’ve traveled all over the world and there isn’t a place on the planet that isn’t touched by our entertainment industry.

This is not to negate the achievements of artists from other countries. But we proudly dominate this space and are still a gentle superpower without exception.

2. Las Vegas

We have an entire city designed and devoted to excess and entertainment. There is absolutely, without a doubt, no other city in the rest of the world quite like this one.

There is no other place where simply saying the name of the city has the implication of what is expected to be done there

It’s the international hub of the world to let off steam, gamble and eat from the best chefs in the world, who go there to post their hit number when they open a restaurant on The Strip.

The greatest artists around the world take up residence knowing that people will travel thousands of miles to see them.

There is no other place where simply saying the name of the city has the implication of what is expected to be done there. ‘Vegas, baby’ and ‘What happen in Vegas, stay in Vegas’ are notorious slogans for a reason.

It is one of the largest cities in America and the entire world and naturally American in every way imaginable.

3. The American West

As an Arizonan, I am completely biased on this, but the American West will always represent freedom, new beginnings, and an innate wildness of spirit that encapsulates our country’s ethos.

There’s a reason cowboy lives and stories continue to inspire and intrigue. Just look at the number one show in the country, Yellowstone. A western soap opera about land grabbing in Montana.

4. We are a charity country

According to Fortune Magazine, we have given a record $471 billion dollars to charity. Despite all the stereotypes of how selfish Americans can be, we are a nation that cares nationally and internationally.

5. Our Election Process

Politicians should travel to small towns across the country, meet voters in person and show who they are

Politicians should travel to small towns across the country, meet voters in person and show who they are

From the New Hampshire primaries, to the Iowa caucus, and on Super Tuesday. We have the most fascinating, intricate, and citizen-centric process for electing the leader of the free world there is. It has survived since its incarnation by our founding fathers. You cannot fake it, buy it or steal it.

Politicians must travel to small towns across the country, meet voters in person and show who they are. I love it and I’ve never been convinced there’s a better way to do it.

6. Our Cultural Melting Pot Through Immigration

If you come here and become a citizen, you are an American, period. It doesn’t matter where you come from or why, when you become an American, that’s what you are. It is the most special, sacred and most intensely beautiful part of our country.

Give us your tired, hungry, poor. For all current divisions, immigrants who want to join our incredible country and become Americans is what has always made us great and a source of inspiration worldwide.

7. The men and women in our US military

We have the most valued fighting force in the world, made up of the most selfless men and women who have chosen of their own free will to dedicate and risk their lives to defend and secure our freedom and democracy.

I am eternally grateful every day.

We have the most valued fighting force in the world

We have the most valued fighting force in the world

8. The First Amendment, Our Freedom of Speech

You can say anything you want in this country, anything. This is arguably the crown jewel of our constitution. The most sacred, important and significant change of all of us, from which everything else in the land follows.

It is a precious freedom to be protected at all costs and for all intents and purposes. There are unfortunately few other places in the world that have even a semblance of our level of freedom.

Don’t listen to Prince Harry, he has no idea what he’s talking about.

9. Religious Freedom

All you need to do is read about what is happening to the Ugyhur people of China, who are being ethnically cleansed in mass murder and imprisoned in “re-education camps” for being Muslim, to understand how grateful we should all be to to be able to worship whatever God we believe here.

10. The Vaccines

Moderna, Pfizer, J&J, I’m grateful to them all.

I’ll be celebrating tomorrow with all my family and some friends and I’m comfortable with that because we’ve all been vaccinated. I am grateful to the doctors, scientists, first responders and everyone who helped us get out of one of the worst disasters in human history.

Our country received the vaccine in record time and in record numbers. I am eternally grateful and on this Thanksgiving weekend.

I leave you here.

Enjoy our turkey, stuffing, football, Macy’s Day parade and canned cranberry sauce.

America, hell yeah.