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Meghan Markle will not visit the UK and plans a big reveal after the Invictus games

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Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle, despite not accompanying her husband Prince Harry on his upcoming trip to the United Kingdom in May, is planning a major reveal shortly after the Invictus Games event hosted by Harry. The Duchess of Sussex, along with the Duke, will embark on a trip to Nigeria following an invitation from the country’s Chief of the Defense Staff.

This trip is designed to engage them in a series of cultural activities, marking an important moment for the couple as they continue to define their roles outside the traditional boundaries of the British Royal Family. Harry will visit London briefly, where he will take part in a memorial event at St Paul’s Cathedral on May 8. This event will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Invictus Games, an initiative that Harry has passionately supported since its inception, according to people magazine.

“I’m going to start digging into all of this because anyone I’ve told, especially Nigerian women, says ‘What!'” she said in her Archetypes Podcast. “Now, I’m not saying we have favorites in our house, but since my wife found out that she is of Nigerian descent, it’s likely to get a little more competitive this year,” Prince Harry said at his 2023 inauguration. speechjoking about which team the Duchess would support.

His commitment to the Games highlights his continued dedication to service members around the world, a cause close to his heart. Following his engagements in the UK, Harry will make a quick transition to join Meghan in Nigeria. This trip has particular personal meaning for Meghan, who revealed in 2022 that she is 43 percent Nigerian, a discovery made through genealogical testing.

Despite her active schedule and numerous obligations, Meghan has yet to personally explore this part of her heritage, making the upcoming visit to Nigeria especially meaningful. Meghan’s decision not to visit the United Kingdom from September 2022, after The funeral of Queen Elizabeth IIhas been a topic of conversation among royal watchers and the media.

Harry’s brief return to the UK in February 2024 was notably poignant, coming as it followed Buckingham Palace’s announcement that King Charles had been diagnosed with a form of cancer. During that trip, Harry spent 45 minutes at Clarence House, where he met only his ill father, without visiting other members of the royal family.

The upcoming trip to the UK will be Harry’s first since the recent news of Princess Kate’s cancer diagnosis and his subsequent public announcement about his treatment. This visit is anticipated not only for the anniversary of the Invictus Games but also as a potential opportunity to meet with his brother, Prince William, and his family. Such a meeting could offer an opportunity for reconciliation and support during these difficult times for the family.

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