Making OSRS gold With Skilling


Making OSRS gold has a lot of methods, some of which can be done using your skills. 

There are several activities for you to perform in Old School Runescape that will help you to earn OSRS GP. If you are planning on using skilling to earn OSRS gold, then there are a number of ways in which you can do so. These methods will mean that you won’t have to buy OSRS gold if you have been looking to purchase OSRS gold for sale. With that being said, here are ways to use skills to make money. 


In case you were unfamiliar with the mining skill, this can be used to get ores and gems out of rocks, with the former being made into bars to be sold. This is by far one of the most popular skills in the entire game, given how profitable it can be. 

Specifically, Runite Ore being mined is a very effective way of making gold. You will need a Dragon Pickaxe, as well as your mining skill to 85 so you get the most of out the activity. It sells at high prices within the Grand Exchange and is sought after enough to help you get a healthy profit out of it. That said, you will see that a lot of players tend to farm this ore because of how high the price is. Given the popularity, you are going to have to use world switching since the Runite Rocks disappear rather quickly. 

When you manage to find the locations to mine these ores, you can expect to make over 700K OSRS gold per hour. This will depend on what the prices are in the Grand Exchange at the tie, and what the competition is like at the time of farming. 


Whilst we are on the subject of ore, smithing is another great skill for you to consider. This sill lets you process raw ore to be made into bars, which can then be used for making certain items. 

The profits that you will be looking for come from smelting the likes of Runite Ore by going to the Blast Furnace. This smelting technique is available at certain furnaces in the game, with the Blast Furnace being available over at the minigame in Kaldagrim. This is only available for members, however, though it is also worth that you only need half the coal you’d usually need if you are smelting. 

If you do want to start smelting, then you are going to need to be at level 85 in smithing first. Having stamina potions, light clothing and high agility is also going to be very beneficial for you in this instance as well, plus having a Coal Bag and Ice Gloves will greatly add to your profits. You are also at the mercy of the current price rates of the Grand Exchange as well, which is going to be the deciding factor on the gold that you do make. That being said, if you are smelting Mithril then you can make around 400K OSRS gold per hour, or you could opt for either Adamantite or Steel bars, which can both potentially net you over 600,000 OSRS gold on an hourly basis. 


This skill is only available to those who have a membership in Old School Runescape. As the name suggests, you will be stealing coins and items from chests, stalls, and more as you pickpocket your way through to riches. You can also use this skill to help you to open locked doors and disarm any traps that you come across. As you raise the level of your thieving skill, you will see a much bigger yield of OSRS gold profits.

If you are going to pursue this method, then find master farmers and pickpocket them. You will need to have your thieving skill up to at least 38, though getting it to 50 and equipping the full Rogue Equipment will make this far more profitable. With that in mind, get yourself over to the Farming Guild, Varrock, or Hosidius to find these farmers. 

By doing so, you stand to make up to 300,000 OSRS GP per hour, but again this will depend on what your thieving level is at, and the gear that you have on you. You can potentially make even more once you have gotten to level 94, where you won’t expect to fail any pickpocketing attempts too. 

These skills are all very effective when it comes to making OSRS gold. You aren’t really going to need to arm yourself, so don’t worry about whipping out the Twisted Bow or anything like that. Just following the criteria that makes your yield higher can make you very rich indeed. 

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