Make Your Custom Vinyl Decals at Home With These Simple Steps



Many people apply vinyl car decals for showing support or love to their favorite sports team, cause, business, or family. There are innumerable designs to choose from. Vinyl decals are not your typical and threadbare bumper stickers that come with printed text on that rectangular, clear background. 

  • You design vinyl decals to place them outside of the car window. The art and craft of making these decals begins with the basics like rulers, scissors, pencils, pushpins, glue, and more. The first step is to get your design right. Get them in an SVG file. 
  • After uploading the file, decide the best designs for your car. Select the design images, ungroup them, and then click on a design to hide or delete the redundant layers.
  • Your next step is to measure your vehicle area, where you’ll apply your decal. Return to the original Cricut design fold to resize or recompose the design. Grab its lower right half and drag it down to the concerned area,

Tools and next steps

Your most essential supplies to make custom vinyl decals at home are cutting machine, masking tape, squeegee/scraper, transfer paper, tweezers, tape, X-Acto knife, and adhesive vinyl. 

  • After preparing your design, you need to cut it. It’s the same as a vinyl project. Mirroring the design is solely your prerogative. You can mirror the design only if you’re applying it inside your car window. 
  • Any design on the outside doesn’t require any modification or shuffles at all. Choose a horizontal flip to mirror your design. 
  • Use a Cricut Standard cutting mat to make your vinyl car decals. Place the vinyl on the colorful or shiny side up of the mat. 
  • The next step is weeding your vinyl. Remove the extra vinyl pieces and put the transfer tape all over the design. 
  • Use a scraper to ensure that it’s rigid inside. Run a quick test on either side of the decal to ensure that it rests firmly on the concerned transfer tape.
  • Do a partial peeling of one side to make that the tape is fine. You can reapply it to the backing. Keep repeating the process with the other side. 


Making decal with CRICUT

It’s important to clean the surface on which you’re putting your decal. Post the cleaning process, you can use alcohol for wiping the area. It helps in removing any excess grease and fingerprints on the surface.

  • After applying your vinyl decal, peel the paper back in a slow and steady manner. Just make sure each part of the design comes out from the sheet. The next step is to apply the decal to your car body. 
  • You can start at one side/end, where you lay down the decal in a rolling or coiling motion. It ensures an even alignment and placement. It also reduces air bubbles.
  • Use your scraper tool for pushing out any particulates or air bubbles that may be present underneath the custom vinyl. 

In the last step, peel back the entire transfer tape. It’s time to enjoy your vinyl job. Making your own vinyl decals will save you money while helping you to customize your stickers and decals as per your preferences.