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Look… incredible selfies from the era of the Pharaohs!


We may not have imagined, even for a moment, that we could see “selfies” of people from ancient times, but the imagination has become a reality thanks to artificial intelligence, which seems to have begun to penetrate many things that humans have long dreamed of achieving.

Artificial intelligence revealed what group “selfies” might look like in different periods of time, dating back to eras that did not know the modern technologies that humans possess today.

Ancient Egyptian warriors

AI does it

A user on Reddit posted a long series of old selfies, as if he was a time traveler.

The image creator used artificial intelligence known as Midjourney, according to a report by the British newspaper, The Sun.

Viking warriors circa 700 to 1100

Viking warriors circa 700 to 1100

The images garnered thousands of likes on Reddit for likening people from very different time periods to 21st century people.


The images also included different races from many regions around the world and various time periods, such as ancient Polynesian warriors, cave people and even American Indians.

Native American warriors

Native American warriors

They included images of Viking warriors between circa 700 to 1100, British soldiers circa 1878, ancient Egyptian warriors and many more.

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