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Logitech’s cloud-shaped gaming rig looks good on desktops and Instagram

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Side view of white keyboard with illuminated keys, a wristband in the shape of clouds and a small white computer mouse with...

Wherever I look, I see an ad for Logitech’s Aurora collection of accessories. At least it feels that way. Often it’s the distinctive cloud-shaped palm rest or the beautiful all-white earcups. They follow me across social media platforms. You got me, Logitech: I’m interested.

The Aurora Collection ticks a few boxes for me: it’s designed for gamers like me, but with a softer aesthetic, with white form factors and colorful accessories, something that’s hard to find in an all-black landscape. (Someone bring back the colorful monitors of the iMac era! I’m begging you!) It walks the line of visually pleasing without being cheap or childish, and it’s not so feminine in its design choices that it seems exclusive to anyone who identifies as a woman.

I tested three key components of the collection: the G705 Gaming Mouse ($80)he G715 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard ($180)and the G735 Headphones ($200), plus the included cloud support for the keyboard and carrying case for the headphones. (There is also a wired version of the keyboard for $140.) I’ve been happy wearing them while working and playing throughout the day, but my favorite item in the collection surprised me.

Color injection

Photography: Nena Farrell

Something about the G715 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard reminds me of the keyboard from my childhood. I think it’s the bulky form factor combined with the dark gray buttons on top; It makes me go back to using my parents’ big gray keyboard while gaming. freddy fish.

Just from the build design, it feels like a classic old school keyboard. There’s some heft, but it’s not particularly noticeable compared to fun keyboards like the Logitech Pop (9/10, WIRED recommends). It doesn’t come with circular keys, for example, and there’s no numeric keypad.

The G705 mouse also looks like other gaming mice I’ve used, but the light strip that runs along the back half (where your palm is located) certainly makes it more fun on my desk. The collection as a whole has a fairly classic design, but the white background and well-placed pastel lights give it a completely new look.

The G735 headphones have the sleekest look of the Aurora line and are the least stereotypically gamer-friendly. They look pretty high-end, similar to Apple’s AirPods Max (8/10, WIRED recommends), and have a thinner headband since they’re designed with smaller heads in mind. I have a big head and I was worried about how they would fit; They were certainly comfortable, but not so comfortable that I got a headache or couldn’t wear them comfortably for a few hours at a time.

control boxes

Courtesy of Logitech

The entire Aurora collection is controlled by the Logitech G-HUB, a computer application that will connect to all of these devices and several other Logitech peripherals. The app not only gives you a variety of controls and options to customize your lights, but it also allows you to adjust key commands and macros on the keyboard, mouse sensitivity, and much more.

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